Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Friday, 26 June 2009

Four Go For A Bimble (Part 3)

By and by, after passing numerous hostelries (it's not a coincidence that Collett's name this the 'Six Rifugios Walk' - it's the nearest they get to a pub crawl) we came upon a fine establishment with a sunny outlook.

It was 11am.

Time for coffee and apfelstrudel.

We spent an hour or so at 'Utia Pralongia' (pictured), duly gorging ourselves. Sue studied the three remaining via ferrataists from afar, and announced that they had nearly reached the summit of Piz da Lech.

Mike was glad he had chosen the less energetic option today. Six days of exercise after 25 years of abstinence are starting to take their toll.

A short walk along a broad ridge led us into Pra de Stores, a valley in which a broad path gently descended over expansive pastures before entering the pine forest where we found a luncheon bench. No hut today. A shame, as it rained.

Numerous 'flower stops' punctuated our onward progress to Armentarola. By the end of this trip we should have quite a few images to display to those with a botanical interest.

The walk back to La Villa was mostly gentle and pleasant, following the Ru Giarie river down over a series of weirs, with a short climb up path 21 to get around a chasm at one point.

An easy day. By 4.30 Mike had flaked out on his bed, and Sue, Julia and I had enjoyed our mugs of tea and were heading for the sauna.

A night of revelry at the Sport Hotel will no doubt follow!

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Alan Sloman said...

"A night of revelry at the Sport Hotel will no doubt follow! "

That's more like it. Another bottle of muscle relaxant for Sue then a wonderful lie-down on a big soft, plumptious mattress dreaming about her hut totty...

Dot said...

Love the gentians and hope to see more of your flower pictures in due course. Give my love to Mike. I wonder if he knew what he was letting himself in for by going on holiday with you two!
It sounds a lovely holiday.hope the weather hold out and look forward to seeing you soon.