Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Saturday 6 June 2009 - Fair Weather Walkers

This final 'mobile' image is of the disused railway viaduct at Hewenden - one of many fine man-made structures in the area. It was taken yesterday shortly before I met Mick and Gayle and the weather changed.

The weather certainly did change, with 'winter gear' being deployed. We decided not to seek refuge at Mick's mum's house, as Mick wanted to test his new mattress - a Thermarest Neo-Air thingy. (He liked it!)

Jerusalem Farm campsite has good drainage. It needed it last night.

This morning we woke to the sound of a gargling magpie, got an early start as planned, and enjoyed a stroll by the river to Luddenden Foot. A pleasant walk by the canal (in the wrong direction for 'Manchester - 30 miles') was followed by a steep ascent to Sowerby. From there we dropped back to the Ryburn valley, down a steep cobbled path. Having already seen Mick test the braking power of his rucksack on some earlier cobbles, we were understandably very careful here - using the deep wet grass either side of the cobbles as much as we could.

"Nice weather for ducks" chirped the postman, as he delivered to posh houses on the east bank of the river beyond Triangle. Here the pleasant woodland and a disused railway led us eventually to the metropolis of Ripponden.

We'd been walking in the rain for nearly three hours. We were perhaps a little damp generally, but our feet (subject to Sealskinz/goretex socks) could justifiably be described as 'soggy'. Mine were soaking wet.

The café in Ripponden served excellent tea and bacon/egg butties. We lingered there.

Then Sue arrived. She showed me the choice of trainers and boots she had brought for me to change in to due to a sore ankle. The trainers would be a vast improvement over my Crocs, which aren't the premium footwear for slippery cobbles. She had thoughtfully packed some waterproof socks as well.

The rain thickened.

"Rain all weekend, is the forecast" said Sue.

"Let's go home!"

"What! How could we!"

The rain lashed down as we chauffered M + G on the short drive to Mick's mum's house, and it continued unabated as we sloshed back home to Manchester.

A hot bath, some nice meals, and a lazy weekend sorting the photos from a sunny 120+ mile walk. Better than a 40+ mile walk in the rain with a sore ankle from Ripponden to Timperley, via Crowden?

I thought so. That section can wait until its scenery can be enjoyed in the sun - today some of it was in Cold Cloud.

Readers are of course welcome to their own opinion, but hopefully by Monday I'll have uploaded some images from the 'Windermere to Ripponden' route to an on-line album for all to peruse.
Now done.

I'll put a link, and some summary information for this most enjoyable trip, on the next posting.

Have a nice weekend, everyone.


Martin Rye said...

Most enjoyable for you and me. I liked following your walk and you too have a good weekend.

forest wisdom said...

I have very much enjoyed following this adventure. Thanks

John J said...

I was also in Triangle this morning...and yes, the weather was bloody awful! You made the absolutely correct decision in putting the final 40 miles off until better weather.

I've enjoyed your blog from the comfort of my kitchen table - I would have enjoyed it more if I could have done it too!



Louise said...

I think it's ok to be fair weather walkers sometimes, have been known to do it myself. If it's going to be rotten for longer than it takes to sink a few pints, best off at home.

Unless it's a particularly good pint...

Phreerunner said...

Thanks, everyone, I'm working on the photos, but not at the kitchen table, John. That's where I may choose which vintage of Barolo to enjoy tonight.

Dot said...

Good to talk to you yesterday.
Hope when the weather improves you will be able to finish the last lap.
I have enjoyed the blog and the pictures,particularly the one of the Strid.
Love, Dot

Alan Sloman said...

Phew! Caught up with you again! Wise move Martin.

You just needed a big glass of Barolo and a cuddle from Sue.

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed the account and the slide show. Looked like a lovely walk.