Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Friday 7 August 2009 – An Italian Meal

It is a tradition that the Famous Five (including very much alive and well ‘Notchy’/Andrew) enjoy a meal subsequent to our adventures, based on the cuisine of the adventure (in this instance our fare in the Maritime Alps).  Rosemary joins us in order to adjudicate on any disagreements and snooze through the slide show, and Lucy (asleep upstairs) is our current mascot.

Here, I am being rebuked for flippant behaviour with a camera whilst I should have been recharging glasses.


Tut Tut

The meal was largely courtesy of Jamie Oliver’s ‘How to Cook an Italian Meal in Ten Minutes’ tome, and some may say the Menu looked more impressive than the actual dishes.

However, we learnt how to skin squid, and the tuna was absolutely delicious.

And the glasses were frequently replenished – they just seemed to empty themselves very quickly.

Here’s the published (but not exhaustive) Menu:

Un pasto delle alpi marittime

7 agosto 2009

19,30 per 20,00 alla Via Balmoral


peperoni cotti al forno con aglio
calamari alla griglia
frittata di spinaci

le migliori polpette di tonno
linguine con olio di oliva

ricotta tipica per verdure verdi


caffè e cioccolatini

clip_image004 BUON APPETITO clip_image004[1]

You may detect that this posting is via Windows Live Writer, for which I have to thank a Weird genius of the IT industry.  Thanks, WD.


Alan Sloman said...

Champagne as well, I see.

Nice menu. Well done Sue. (Or does the Mad Mountain Murderer have culinary skills to match his new found Live Writer talents?)

Phreerunner said...

I thought your Eagle Eyes would pick up something, Alan.
It was Prosecco, actually, which was in keeping...
We've been using 'Live Writer' for some time. It's just that it stopped working, and manipulating images in Blogger is not my forte.
WD waved a magic wand at it!
Yes, the menu was designed by Sue and mostly cooked by her - but I did do the shopping, and the Secondi. It was all very nice, especially the Primi.