Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Scotland to Australia – by Bicycle!

At the instigation of a good friend, I’ve been looking at a web site that is effectively the blog of Val Hadden and Merv Savage as they cycle from Scotland, to visit Merv’s son in Australia.

They should by now have reached India, though their journal currently ends in Dubai.

My correspondent observes: “Makes my walks seem like Sunday strolls in the park.”  Mine likewise!

I’ve dipped into the entries and like Val’s style, so I look forward to making time to enjoy a good long read to catch up with these two adventurers and then follow them all the way to Australia.

Their introductory page is here (also on my ‘Some Outdoors Bloggers’ links list); I commend you to take a look.

Here they are on the Neufenen Pass in Switzerland.

Val Hadden and Merv Savage on the Neufenen Pass

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