Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Peebles to Moffat - Disaster Strikes

We made it to Moffat.

But not without a serious mishap.

Binder, aka Alan Sloman, unfortunately slit his hand on a handrail below Greygill Head, about 200 metres from an easy track to Moffat.

A team effort got him down as quickly as possible, and as I write (quite late) he is hopefully being attended to by experts in Carlisle.

Meanwhile, the remnants of the Pie Man's ever diminishing team enjoyed some nourishment at the Black Bull together with a Proud Scotsman. But sadly it was not the 'minor celebration' we had hoped for.

Our thoughts were with Alan, who seems to have a rather nasty injury. We hope he makes a speedy recovery.

With all except our leader, the Pope, and myself having decided against returning by foot to Peebles over the next three days, and with 'Heavy Rain' forecast for much of that time, a decision to postpone the return leg, possibly until April 2011, has been made.

The picture shows JJ and the Pie Man luxuriating in the sunshine after emerging from the cloud before the fateful descent of Greygill Head.

Our thoughts are with you, Alan.

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Anonymous said...


Just a quick word from Shirl and Andy by way of update re: Alan.

We took him to Carlisle hospital, where they've admitted him so that his hand can be explored and cleaned tomorrow morning. It's a bit of a gunky mess, but hopefully it's no worse than that. Andy and I got back to my place about 40 minutes ago and we're currently having tea and a swift beer. In the morning I'll nip back up to attend to the Sloman.

Sloman was very brave as people stuck needles in various bits of him, and was smiling and happy-looking when we left him about 2340. I'm sure he wasn't really feeling great, though, so any good wishes anybody can cast in his direction will definitely be welcome, I'm sure.

The staff at Carlisle hospital were absolutely brilliant, btw; from the nurse who soaked off the bloodied bandage under the sink tap (putting A firmly in his place as he suggested that perhaps he could do a better job himself), to the house officer, a senior house officer, the orthopaedic registrar, the porters and the nurses on the ward.

A's currently on Beech Ward (D section) but I'm hoping I'll be able to collect him tomorrow. In the meantime, though, that's where he is.

Right! Over and out from us. A very big thank you to all of y'all who were there at the grisly time: you were complete stars!

xxx Shirl (and xxx Andy)

Humphrey Weightman said...

Oh Al you poor soul. Hope all goes well and that you're feeling better this morning. We're thinking of you.

Judith said...

Ouch, that sounds nasty. GWS, Alan. I'm sorry I couldn't come on this walk (but the sight of blood would have made me go all funny). I'll try to be there in April 2011.

Tony Bennett said...

Great mobile blogging Martin. As I sit now at my desk in Sheffield, these posts bring back the full horror of the last three days in such uncomfortable detail :)

No seriously, it was an absolutely fab, wonderful trip in the company of old friends and new. Hope to see you all on next year's Challenge, if not before and thoughts and good wishes to Alan for his hand to soon be restored to full working order. Tony (Pennine Ranger) and Christine

Martin Rye said...

Send my regards to Alan and tell him I hope he heals fast. Unlucky that.

Alan Sloman said...

many thanks, martin for the olympic sprint down to moffat to get the car. Massively appreciated. Cant do capitals at the moment and they are important here.

Phreerunner said...

Alan, that was the least I could do, having felt queasy at the scene and found an excuse to leave, to let the Mikes know what had happened.
How is the hand? We heard that you may have to be transferred to Newcastle. Or did you manage to get home?
Sue and I send our very best wishes, to Shirley as well, whose calmness and effective action after having to overcome her own asthma attack was most impressive.
Our thoughts and those of the other participants and correspondents are with you both.

Anonymous said...

*blush* Thanks, Martin ♥

Alan's now all set to be transferred to Newcastle tomorrow morning, for an appointment at the specialist clinic. I'm hoping they'll whizz him into surgery soon afterwards and stick his hand back together. More details over on my blog (have forgotten how to make links, but will try: here.

Trekking Britain said...

Sounds awful, hope Alan's hand recovers well and soon.

Mick said...

Hi Shirley,

Gayle and I have been following the developing story on the blog with mouths agape. Give our best wishes to Alan and we hope for his speedy recovery and return to the hills.

Once Gayle manages to get out of this working habit she's fallen into, we'll try to meet up with you all again.

TGOC entry is in, so fingers crossed.

AlanR said...

Sounds grim. Hope he is recovering some what. We send him our best wishes. Alan and Sheila.
Well done guys for acting quickly.

James Boulter said...

Ouch that sounds rather nasty. Hope that Alan makes a good recovery. They should bloody well ban barbed wire fences (whoever 'they' are).

Phreerunner said...

Good news.
See here:
for the latest update on Alan's hand as at Thursday morning.