Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Peugeot 206 5-Door LX 1.4HDI Diesel – 5-speed manual – FOR SALE - £1,300

Peugeot 206 for sale - the white marks are reflections, not scratches!

This may not be the appropriate place to advertise Sue’s car, which she has owned from new and is coming up for its tenth birthday.

But here goes anyway…

It seems a shame to get rid of it, but that was always the plan, and the arrival of its successor is imminent.  It has been an excellent motor, with the only items (other than routine brakes, tyres and filters, etc) that have been replaced being the exhaust and the water pump – a new cam belt was fitted at the same time.

It has never been involved in an accident, and other information is shown below.

Date of registration – 30 January 2002 (MM51 APV)
Current mileage – 93,100
Tax band - £30 (113g/km)
Fuel consumption – 50 to 60 mpg (more on a long run at steady speeds)
Taxed until 31/1/12 (when MOT is also due)
Serviced on 11/11/11 (no issues, but disc brakes will need replacing fairly soon – approx £150)
AutoTrader valuation - £1,400 to £1,525

This has been an excellent little motor.  We’ll be sorry to see it go.

Is anyone interested?  If so, please contact us via the ‘Contact us’ button here.

Peugeot 206 for sale

As anticipated, this blog posting failed to yield a sale, but an on line ad in AutoTrader resulted in a flood of calls and a sale within 10 minutes.  The old motor was clearly worth more than we thought.

Meanwhile, Sue’s new car, ‘Skippy’, should have been collected a couple of hours after the Peugeot was sold.  But it failed its pre-delivery ‘MOT’!  A new part has been ordered, hopefully covered by the warranty!


John J said...

Seems a bit steep for a manual - can't you throw the car in too?

I'll get me coat...


Phreerunner said...

Ho ho ho! I'll pass on your best wishes to the Plodders today - they'll miss your humour!

I think you mean 'hard-shell'. 'Coat' is a bit retro in today's high tech world.

Theo said...

"This may not be the appropriate place to advertise Sue’s car"

Does she know what you're doing ?


Phreerunner said...

Theo, she found out when the car was 'missing' when she got home from work last night. Sadly the carefully arranged replacement broke down in transit....