Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Tuesday 23 July 2013 - Pyrenees GR10 - Day 39 - Seix

Gentle strolling of about 4km was sufficient for this rest day.                             

Weather: sunny all morning, then stormy, fine later

This rest day was chosen wisely. It's chucking it down at a time when we are sometimes walking. I'm nice and cosy in my hotel suite, and I assume Graham is happy wallowing in the campsite's pool. 

We did enjoy a lavish lunch, courtesy of Casino food shops, at the well appointed campsite - it has picnic benches - before the first spots of rain sent me scurrying back to my rooms, and the few remaining bits of washing I need to do before I'm as fresh as when I set off from Timperley. 

Seix is a lovely little town with old buildings. The top picture shows my hotel on the left, the lower one was taken from just round the corner. 

Now then, where's that Kindle?  Ah, broken, so I'll have to read some blogs and make silly comments. Watch out!


Graham reports a very relaxing time in his tent during the storm.  I think he was asleep. 

Tonight's meal at Auberge du Mont Valier was excellent. This hotel is only about 50 metres out of town, but it was really quiet when the centre was busy. And the meal was very good, especially the selection of cheeses (strong), which inevitably resulted in fresh supplies of wine being required. 

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Alan R said...

Just had to have my Nexus 7 fixed too. The screen wouldn’t auto rotate. I think the accelerometer packed up.
There has been a definite lack of tractors since Sue went home i notice!

Phreerunner said...

Struggling to find tractors Alan! They use scythes here.

Sir Hugh said...

Picnic benches on the campsite- a telling comment. Only true backpackers would appreciate the massive value there.