Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Thursday, 29 January 2015

A Rare Sight in Timperley


We woke today to a rainy morning, but long after Sue had departed for work, the darkness subsided and so apparently did the temperature.

The rain turned to snow, giving me this rare view from the study window.


I couldn’t go out as I was waiting for a Special Delivery, but once that had arrived, and the snow had stopped, I ventured out – making the mistake of wearing trainers, which soon became waterlogged in the slush.


After slithering up to the canal towpath, I wondered whether it may have been better to travel by bike today, as the snow was melting fast.


However, the sky was clearing and the temperature was dropping. The slush was very cold as I trotted past Walton Park.


Here’s the view from Marsland Bridge. When I get time I’ll have to play with this image and make it black and white and green.


Whilst I was out, many trams passed me on their way to and fro from Altrincham. Quite a surprise as the slightest bit of bad weather often halts them (or am I being cynical?).


It would have been good to experience some nice crisp creaky snow, rather than the slush which is currently in the process of freezing. Perhaps we’ll have to go elsewhere to find that…


Sir Hugh said...

I do like those trams (only recently experienced for me). We found them expensive, then somebody told me afterwards you can use your bus pass. Is that true, and if so, how?

Phreerunner said...

You can only use your bus pass if you live in Greater Manchester, Conrad. Here's the extract from Transport for Greater Manchester's website.

Q How much will I (not resident in Greater Manchester) have to pay to travel on rail and Metrolink in Greater Manchester?
A You will have to pay the full fare for the journey you are taking. Only holders of Greater Manchester NCTP get any reduction on rail and Metrolink in Greater Manchester.

So I'm afraid it's quite expensive for you, but it is very convenient, and cheaper than using a car park. And for me, it's free after 9.30 am. Great - a lie in!

AlanR said...

The trams would look far better with snow ploughs on the front. It would shift a few people off the line in Manchester too.
Funny how in countries that have much snow trams keep running. Finland for example, and the trains in Alaska. But in UK a bit of the white stuff means pandemonium.
I agree with Conrad they are a touch expensive but thats to pay for the throngs of yellow and orange jacketed statues we see in abundance. Especially in coffee shops. Or am i being cynical.
I also wonder why bus fare have just gone up but fuel has come down 30%. They havn’t passed that on to customers.
Anyway soap box away. Get the snow shoes out Martin there is more on the way.

Phreerunner said...

You are so cynical Alan!

The snow shoes will be needed tomorrow. Of that I have no doubt.

Will Jones said...

Hi Pheerunner,

Would it be OK to use one your photos of snow in Timperley for a 2017 Christmas card? If you could contact me on if that is ok.

Thanks Will