Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Friday 26 February 2016 – Parc Omega


Today, Sue and Helen and I enjoyed a visit to Parc Omega.

It’s a wildlife park in Quebec, where we observed some of the local fauna who don’t hibernate. They were mostly very friendly. And lovers of carrots.

We took lots of pictures, a few of which are shown below. The musk ox and moose pictures (and others) are on Sue’s camera but may be added into a slideshow when we get home.



We have an early start tomorrow, so that’s all for now after a lovely blue sky day and temperatures below minus 10C. What a contrast to yesterday’s rain! The weather here in Ottawa is all over the place…


AlanR said...

What a brilliant place. I like the model.

Gayle said...

It has come across (or has seemed to,to me) in your posts that the weather has been rather more erratic than on previous trips.

Our weather is also all over the place, although I think that’s more to do with our current rapid changes in location!

Sir Hugh said...

Some of those animals look a bit close for comfort?

Phreerunner said...

Quite right Conrad, some of the animals were a bit 'in your face', but they generally were well mannered.

Gayle, you are correct. We've been coming here regularly for over ten years. This year we've had the wettest day, the snowiest day, the coldest day and the warmest day in all that time.