Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Thursday, 14 April 2016

A Few Days with Jacob

Jacob has been to visit us for a few days whilst his mum and dad were out at work. We didn’t do anything overwhelmingly exciting, leaving the lad to choose his own activities.

Red House Farm was Monday’s venue. It’s only a few minutes away by car.


The slide dumped Jacob onto a dirty mat. Over and over again.


Digging was hard work.


A house was built…


… and demolished.


Swings were swung.


Then we went home.

On Tuesday it rained. So we went for a bike ride to Walton Park (just a short way along the canal towpath).

The park was deserted apart from us.


Then we went home and played with granddad's trains.


On Wednesday a play centre was visited whilst granddad attended to urgent business, then we all cycled back to the park. It was a fine day. The park was full of people.


Jacob and granddad enjoyed ice creams.


Part of Jacob’s homework was to spot certain things – like a bird, a nest, a leaf, a bud, a seedling, a flower, an insect, and more. We found them all except for one elusive item – a squirrel.

Then we found lots of squirrels by the miniature railway line.


After a roast dinner, featuring unexpectedly spicy parsnips, Jacob went home to his mum and dad and little sister, who was delighted to see him.


(Picture from Catchlight Portraits, Bury.)

It was lovely to have you to stay with us, Jacob. We hope you enjoyed your visit and we look forward to having you to stay again soon.

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