Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Wednesday 25 January 2017 – An Outing from P16 (Vallée-Meech)


After a few centimetres of snow yesterday, a liberal daubing of lilac wax for Sue and me, and waxless skis again for Helen, saw us at P16 (Vallée-Meech) after our usual leisurely breakfast and a 35 minute drive.

Conditions were excellent. The sun emerged for the first time this trip. It isn’t usually such a reluctant companion over here.

The path led first to Healey Cabin, where Sue observed the Chickadees and squirrels competing for grub.


Then we travelled the short distance to Herridge Cabin for elevenses, where Sue’s top photo shows that whilst the cabin was empty, the fire was roaring in the hot building.

Helen took a picture as we left Herridge and headed down trail 50 in the sunshine.


Lac Philippe is about 10km from P16, and was our turning point today. The following picture may be my only contribution to today’s entry. There again, it may be one of Sue’s.


Retracing our ‘steps’, we paused at Herridge for lunch and were back at P16 shortly after 2 pm, after a lovely glide down the final kilometre of descent.

For the record: P16 (Vallée-Meech) > #50 > Healey Cabin > Herridge Cabin > Lac Philippe > #50 > Herridge Cabin > #50 > P16 = 20.2 km, 328 metres ascent, taking 3 hours 24 mins (2.35 moving time)

Later, Susan arrived from Connecticut, sadly without Roy, who has to work. It’ll be good to have her company for the next week or so.

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