Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Thursday 4 May 2017 - Lluc to Pollença via Camí Vell

This is the final stage of the six (or so) day walking route along the backbone of Mallorca, known as GR221. We followed the official low level route, rather than going over 1104 metre Puig Tomir. Our route is described in walk number 24 in June Parker's Cicerone guide that was updated by Paddy Dillon in 2006. Essential literature for anyone planning a walking holiday in Mallorca.

Cloudless skies greeted us once more from another late rise. Well, the bus to Lluc (pronounced 'yeauch') didn't leave until 10.30, so why rush to dispose of the giant chocolate croissants we found yesterday in Palma.

The driver of the 10.30 bus was a patient chap. He had to be in order to negotiate the hundreds of bicycles grinding their way up to the 600 metre pass. I noticed that some of these bikes were state of the art road bikes but others looked a bit chunky. They had auxiliary power units! I wonder how long it will be before we see Lyn leading Robert up this hill on her electric bike?

The walk was an easy 17 km stroll from the café at Lluc Monastery on good tracks and paths. When we lost the view we gained the aroma of the pine forest. An eagle soared above the Monastery at Lluc, and again later over Pollença. Chaffinches waited impatiently for the crumbs from our a la carte lunch on a stone picnic bench in the forest.

Some men were repairing the stone walls beside the track, on which a large grasshopper sunned itself until provoked by Sue's camera lens to fly away.

Four Czechs were encountered, on their last day of five on GR221. They had been 'sleeping out' and were tired but pressing on quickly given the prospect of ice creams in Pollença. We wish them well.

A wait for the bus gave Sue and me time for cold drinks before spending another evening with Paul, whose wine needed finishing before we hit the streets of Puerto de Pollença, where Can Pescador supplied us with an excellent paella.

Today's pictures:
Outside Lluc Monastery 
A view from our path
Dinner - looks like earth, but is actually a superb paella

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