Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Another European Tractor


Thanks again to Wuxing Nick for another contribution. I wonder what AlanR will make of this tractor, which appears to be the recipient of over fifty awards.

The exhaust system reminds me of my days as a fork lift truck driver. The old diesel engine caused a build up of carbon in the exhaust pipe, resulting, when the engine was powered to its limit in order to push a massive casting from the foundry to the fettling shop, a chimney fire. Not your ordinary chimney fire, as simple adjustment of the accelerator regulated the length of the flame, bringing most of the workforce out of the shop to admire their forklift’s new found flame throwing capability.

Meanwhile, a call to our GP on Monday morning had us armed with the requisite advice and medicine within a couple of hours, with just a five minute wait in the surgery. We are slowly improving, though it’s a shame to be indoors on some lovely sunny days, and the first two weeks of the year will be virtually exercise free.


We are saddened today by news of the death of Dot’s younger sister, my aunt, Margaret, who had been unwell for some time. She had a good life despite recent setbacks, but that’s limited comfort at a time like this.

Take care, Dot.


AlanR said...

That medicine looks exactly like mine. Although mine included a nasal saline spray. I’m feeling much better now but still not completely clear. It’s now 7 weeks for me. Hope you are out and about soon, it’s been a real bad outbreak this year.

The tractor is a New Holland L65 from what I can see on the image. It’s not everyday that you see a red one, they are all blue in the UK/USA. I think red is a Germany/ Switzerland configuration. I will have a look at the New Holland history and find out why they didn’t take the company blue.
It’s always interesting to learn something new.

Phreerunner said...

Thanks Alan
We think the antibiotics have worked and we might get our first proper exercise this year tomorrow morning. We'll be taking it very easy though.
Hoping you continue to improve.
M + S

AlanR said...

What I found, as the Christmas walk showed was that you can feel ok but too much effort brings it back. I’ve done 3 short walks recently and it’s happened every time. I shall be out again on Sunday for another go. Thanks for your good wishes.

Phreerunner said...

Noted Alan, thankfully no reaction after yesterday's slow 5 km runs, and I've managed a short bike ride and jog today. Very slow, aiming to steadily speed up as the days go on.