Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

A Mini-Adventure in a Limestone Gorge

Here's Sue's take on her Monday Walk. We have tried to post it as Nallo Lady but can't get that to work. Sorry the images are so small - they are full size as sent by Sue.

"With Martin out cycling with Robert and Lyn, it was a chance for me to do something sporting.

The Berlingo and I were initially challenged on the road across the mountains from Port de Pollença towards Soller, due to the number of cyclists climbing the hairpin-filled road.

Much of the journey was in first gear, awaiting an opportunity to overtake a peloton. It took some time to reach the start, a small car park by Bar Escorca, where my parking skills (on the edge of a precipice) were congratulated by four Germans who were sipping champagne to celebrate a birthday. 

My driving tension was dissipated by a coffee before a 11.45 start.

A sign indicated the dangers of the gorge (the Torrent de Pareis), but my route wasn't taking me all the way down to Sa Calobra.

The initial descent was gradual, next to fields in rocky woodland. I ignored a left hand turn to visit a window in the rock - quite impressive, then resumed the route, now with increased descent gradient and a view to the impressive gorge below. A zigzag path down the rugged hillside had no one else on it, until I reached the river bed at the bottom of the gorge where a group was picnicking. The river bed was full of boulders which made for slow progress, but here it was wide, and I enjoyed listening to the birds.

There were some big drops which were successfully negotiated before I arrived at S'Entreforc, the junction of two rivers. A diversion to Sa Fosca was well worth it, as the ravine narrowed until the rock walls were only a few feet apart, with light entering through just a narrow chink high above. Not fancying the enormous green boulder ahead, I turned round, then continued down the main gorge to a view point after which I suspect the difficulties grew. The limestone cliffs are impressive, with the sea in the distance. 

The silence in the gorge was lovely - just birds as there was not even any wind. I only saw four groups of people all day.

Rather than taking the same route back, I used the path high on the bank of the river, which was, to some extent, easier, but the razor-like grass (carritx) did a good job of slicing the flesh on my legs. This wasn't helped by getting slightly off-track on the return route up the zigzags into an area of carritx, which, of course, I had to reverse. I was cheered though on finding a packet of Viennese biscuits (from an Anglesey B&B) in my rucksack, whilst finding a wipe to remove blood from my knee.

Back at the car at 3.45pm, I was concerned that the return journey could take a while, due to cycle traffic. I needn't have worried, as the descent meant that they were usually going at around 50km/hour. There were two, however, that overtook me, at a speed of 70km/hour, and for quite some time I couldn't keep up with them! I finally did so, about 2km from Pollença!

A trip to Lidl completed my mini-adventure."


Sir Hugh said...

I get ticked off for overdoing it with my knee recovery, but now it's my turn. That reads like quite a serious outing for one awaiting surgery - I presume you still are? anyway, great presence of mind to take a photo of the affliction. Hope all goes well.

Phreerunner said...

This is Sue's posting Cinrad, and she isn't waiting for an op!
I went on an easy bike ride that day.

Sir Hugh said...