Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Sunday 30 April 2017 - The Bóquer Valley

An easy journey from Manchester courtesy of Jet2 and Mallorca buses saw us at the apartment in Puerto de Pollença by about 2pm despite 'losing' an hour and strolling around the music laden pedestrian precincts of Palma for an hour or so.

It's so nice to avoid the hassle of hiring a car, and to have time to buy pies in the centre of Palma. We had no idea about the pie contents and were delighted to find it stuffed with ham and peas.

This is a hand luggage trip, so it took very little time to unpack and then head off on the short walk up the Bóquer valley to the stony beach at Cala Bóquer (pictured). It probably took me more time to clean up afterwards, as a result of my finding the only damp patch for miles around and undergoing a slither that coated all my clothes and my rucksack in a layer of light brown slime. I can't remember ever having to conduct such a comprehension laundry session on the first day (let alone hour) of a holiday.

There are supposed to be rare birds up here, and we did pass some long lenses. But we also encountered lots of noisy locals. The only bird of note that I saw looked like a cross between a greenfinch and a yellowhammer.

As you ascend the valley, an 'eye' appears up on the ridge to your left. There's a possible extension to the walk that rises towards this 'eye' or arch. We didn't bother as I was covered in slime and may have made the rocks slippery. I note from our guide book that on a previous visit on 3 June 2010 (no doubt recorded in this diary) we enjoyed the same walk with Al, Hazel, Andrew and Kate. We didn't go to the arch on that occasion either. (Given Sue's recent 'interesting' attempts to witness that family's passport applications they may struggle to go abroad again!)

Anyway, on the way back from our 6 km jaunt that was actually 8 km due to us setting off in the wrong direction along the esplanade, we had a successful diversion for beer, olives, crisps and water (the tap water in Mallorca tastes like used dishwater).

There's no other food in the apartment so we enjoyed dinner at the highly rated Little Italy restaurant, just round the corner.


BrextonT said...

Enjoy your break wish we were there. . Most of the pies we have had were lamb or lanb and peas (marked with a cooked pea on top). We have also enjoyed some excellent vegitarian pasties on the island.

Robert and Lyn

Phreerunner said...

Yes we are missing you as well. We are actually attracted by the mystery of what's in each pie. The pork and pea variety was delicious.

Sir Hugh said...

I couldn't understand what you meant by the slime. Was it just underfoot or what?

Phreerunner said...

It was underfoot until I rolled over as I slid gently down the slope, Conrad. Luckily everything has dried out overnight.