Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Wednesday 20 September 2023

Monday 18 September 2023 - The Chicago Teddybears Society Jazz Band at Eagley Jazz Club

Another great night out at Eagley. This is one of our favourite bands, led by the charismatic Rae Owens. They've been going for around 50 years (Rae is 82), though the chap on the left ('The Professor') is new to the band.

More can be found by exploring the entries herein labelled 'Jazz'.

In a couple of weeks it's the Dixie Beats, another favourite band, and they are also playing at the club's Christmas Dinner on 4 December. (Book early to avoid disappointment!

There's more information here.

October 1977 - A European Road Trip (Part 3)

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Saturday 15 October 1977 (Day 15)

Start: Delfi Youth Hostel
Finish: Sleep in car near Litokhoron
Mileage: 233
Cumulative Mileage: 3293
Weather: Cloudy and windy - bad weather

Out of the hostel by 8am, and looking around the antiquities of Delphi before the first coaches arrive. Good ruins. By the time I leave at midday, the weather has improved and the visitors are thronging. I keep bumping into Don and the West German.

Tree creepers, goldcrests and tits seen today.

Delphi - theatre in the Pythian Sanctuary

Above and below: Delphi - the stadium - C4-5

Delphi - the Temple of Apollo

Delphi - the Pythian Sanctuary with Treasury of the Athenians

Delphi - The Three Columns of Tholos in the Marmaria

Delphi - The Three Colomns of Tholos

Delphi - main street

Mountain road near Amphissa

View from the road to Lamia

A new temple near Farsala

Towards the end of the day, long avenues with red berries. Sunset over Mt Olympus, with a scubby foreground and distant jagged peaks.

Mount Olympus from near Litokhoron

Arrive in Larisa, a town apparently under construction, and find the youth hostel, but it is shut, and the hotels are too expensive. Continue towards Salonica, stopping up a side road at 8:45. Feel rather sad.

Sunday 16 October 1977 (Day 16)

Start:  In car near Litokhoron
Finish: Kavalla campsite
Mileage: 131
Cumulative Mileage: 3424
Weather: Mixed - dull, rain, fine

Wake at 7am, leave for Salonika at 7:45, and reach Thessalonika around 8am. I'd been there before on the drive from Skopje to Athens. It's a busy place, I pass a marching band.

Salonica - The White Tower (1430)

Salonica - International Trade Fair

Salonica - an equestrian statue

Get a view of Kavalla after 107 miles, around midday. Prospect of Kavalla and Thasos looks good.

Kavalla, with Thassos

Overtaken by a British vehicle. Encounter a cycle race in rain, then it turns fine. Visit interesting ruins at nearby Philippi, dating from 300BC. Meet two NZ and two Aussies who are good company here.

Philippi - The Public Latrine

Philippi - Basilica B (C6)

Philippi - The Forum (108yd x 55yd)

Philippi - the theatre

Philippi - view from the Acropolis

Return to Kavalla, where the Old Citadel and the aqueduct are impressive.The minaret is apparently inaccessible.

Kavalla - the aqueduct

Kavalla - The Old Citadel, with Byzantine walls

Kavalla - the aqueduct, from the Citadel

Kavalla seems to be full of people at 6pm, just like Salonica. Went to campsite after failing to find Hotel Atticus, which had been recommended. Worst pitch ever (solid earth/hardcore), but I'm hoping the showers will be hot. Go for a rather poor paella meal. Very 'Greek'. Never mind, not a bad day.

Monday 17 October 1977 (Day 17)

Start:  Kavalla campsite
Finish: Kavalla campsite
Mileage: 12
Cumulative Mileage: 3436
Weather: Fine

A rest day around Kavalla. £10 - gets 630Drachma. Considered giving blood for more money, but failed to organise that.

Kavalla - the aqueduct from the east

Kavalla sea front

Kavalla harbour

Mehmet Ali's birthplace

Statue of Mehmet Ali

Kavalla, from near the campsite

Top Deck Travel (buses), Intertrek (lorry), Budget, Kontiki, and others - on the campsite - all heading to Kathmandu. Kavalla is their first decent stop since leaving London. I'm not sure of their route from London - Bob Selig will know.

I chat with the Land Rover brigade, who say they would not have risked the route I took through Pec, as landslides frequently block that road.

I meet another John, and get through quite a bit of Retcina, though I decline a visit to a house of ill repute. 

Tuna for tea, and a nice slab left over for tomorrow.

Kavalla campsite

Late in the evening, a commotion as the Longbridge motor plant workers return from their night out and one of them is sick over their taxi driver.

Kavalla sunrise

Tuesday 18 October 1977 (Day 18)

Start:  Kavalla campsite
Finish: Kavalla campsite
Mileage: 6
Cumulative Mileage: 3442
Weather: Sunny

Early ferry to Thasos. Met Kate, John and Terry from Budget Bus, who arrived on a later ferry.

Thasos - the coastline near Prino

Thasos coastline

Thasos - the harbour, Limen

Cooked a big slab of tuna and produced it from a pocket for a shared lunch, much to Kate's amazement.

Lunch on Thasos
[Featuring mother's wonderful frying pan that I used for many years before accidentally leaving it in a holiday cottage in Scotland.]

Nice island, good company, not a bad day.

Thasos - the sanctuary of Poseidon

Wednesday 19 October 1977 (Day 19)

Start:  Kavalla campsite
Finish: Istanbul - Kartal, with Tayfun Akkaya
Mileage: 239
Cumulative Mileage: 3681
Weather: Another beautiful day

Up at 7am, left Kavalla at 8am after paying for 3 nights camping. Spent an hour at Xanthia in nice weather. Should have taken more photos.

A street in Xanthi

Picked up hitchhikers Adrian and Gillian and kept playing 'Dark Side of the Moon'. That and numerous other tapes were eventually left with Tayfun as a reward for his hospitality. There is a black market for them in Turkey.

Adrian and Gillian got us through Customs and into Turkey, by-passing lots of coaches. They had done this before. Who knows what they were smuggling in this time!

Turkish landscape near Tekirdag

Smog over Istanbul. Barren but cultivated Turkish countryside. Kept seeing a CZ car a long way from home. Admired Byzantine art. Arrived in Istanbul 5pm, and made our way to the Blue Mosque. 

Tayfun and Nijip (his school friend from Ankara) turned up outside Café Aya Sofia at 6pm. Went over the bridge over the Bosphorus and into Asia, reaching Tayfun's home around 8pm. Lovely meal with Tayfun's sister and parents. It's a two bed flat and I have a room to myself. Tayfun's dad has been in the forces, so they are relatively well off.

Tayfun's house: Beyaz Villa cad. Horozoglu apartment no:21/4, Kartal.

Thursday 20 October 1977 (Day 20)

Start:  Kartal, with Tayfun Akkaya
Finish: Kartal, with Tayfun Akkaya
Mileage: 0
Cumulative Mileage: 3681
Weather: Lovely and sunny

Tayfun and Nijip gave me a great guided tour. Shame no photo of Nijip. Decided to stay until Monday, then rush back home. Saw many folk heading for Kathmandu. Budget Buses, Top Deck Travel, and many more.

Got 11am ferry across Bosphorus, returning at 7pm. (Train from Kartal to the ferry.) Visited various mosques, including,Blue, Sophia, Suleymaniye, archaeology museum. Plus various fountains. Nice lunch. 

Played billiards in a billiard hall. Tayfun is a leading player in Istanbul.

Istanbul - the old railway station on the Asian side

Istanbul - the European side from the Bosphorus

Istanbul - view up the Bosphorus towards the 1074 metre bridge

Above and below: Istanbul - view towards Europe

Istanbul - The Fountain of Wilhelm II

Above: The Obelisk of Theodosius (3000 year old Egyptian Column)
Below: the Byzantine base of the Obelisk

Blue Mosque from the entrance

Blue Mosque - courtyard (Sultanahmet Mosque - 1609-19)

Saint Sophia (Aya Sofya) mosque - 4th largest church in the world, dating from 537

Blue Mosque from the Imperial Gate (outer gate of the Topkapi Palace)

Istanbul - the Archaeological Museum (1880)

Above and below: Suleymaniye Mosque (1557)

Friday 21 October 1977 (Day 21)

Start:  Kartal, with Tayfun Akkaya
Finish: Kartal, with Tayfun Akkaya
Mileage: 0
Cumulative Mileage: 3681
Weather: Cloudy

Got in to Istanbul for 11am and went to Tayfun's English class at the University. The teacher, Boyd Johnson, an American, made me talk to the students about 'proper' (not American) English and its pronounciations.

Then we visited various places, including Topkapi Palace, Kariye Mosque, Felhije Mosque and the Bazaar.

Above and below: Main street, Taxim

Above and below: views from Topkapi Palace

Kariye Mosque (pre 400AD)

12 public transports today, hopping on and off, many standing. Another long day. Great food, and I had a good shower. Saw more 'budgeteers' from Kavalla days (including Kontiki).