Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Saturday 26 November 2022

Wednesday 14 November 2007 - Worsley Woods - some photos

It's autumn here in Timperley, with very few goings on for these pages in between 'running' weekends.

I've realised that I still have several hundred 'unprocessed' file of digital images. A random click, this afternoon, took me to a few images from Worsley Woods on 14 November 2007, which I've now indexed, and I publish them below. While I write this, Sue is actually off to the Worsley area for an event at the Bridgewater Gardens, which probably hadn't been thought of back in 2007.

Having started this blog in October 2007, the report on this walk was an early entry on these pages - with a link to a page on, where I provided meticulous details of the route.

So there's no need for further commentary on this 12km walk, especially as some of the pictures shown below are of information boards. (Click on an image for a slideshow with readable images.)

Wednesday 23 November 2022

Monday = Isabella Day (31) and some jazz

The transfer from Fridays to Mondays for looking after Isabella went well apart from taking an hour to get her from Didsbury to Timperley - traffic chaos due to the closure of the A560 main road.

Then we dashed out for a short tram ride to Sale, and a stroll for Izzie's first visit to 'Explore and Play', where all today's pictures were taken. (Click on any one of them for a slideshow.)

No need for a commentary...

In the evening Sue and I enjoyed the Chicago Teddybears Society Jazz Band at Eagley Jazz Club. Here they are - Deano Revera (bass), John Hallam (reeds), Jim Lucas (trumpet), Andrew Mackenzie (trombone), Rae Owens (banjo) and a stand in drummer, Tony?, who we were told had played for some notable bands.

Tuesday 22 November 2022

Wythenshawe parkrun #500, some Crazy Golf, and a Community Run

November mist lingered in Wythenshawe Park whilst 356 runners and walkers, and 31 volunteers, assembled for the 500th edition of this popular parkrun.

The hall, overlooked by Oliver Cromwell, gleamed in the strong sunlight.

Volunteers and early arrivals gathered beside the boggy area next to a big tree.

A few folk could be seen warming up, but despite the coolish morning, the lack of wind made it feel quite warm.

A display in appreciation of the dozen or so Run Directors since the event started on 6 August 2011 was admired by all. Their time commitment is huge, and is really much appreciated by all participants.

Click on the image for a readable version

After the usual 'First Timers' Briefing', we made our way to the start.

Some of those who took part in the first run were required to take a bow.

Then it was time to go.

I was not on the inaugural run - my first parkrun was at Oldham on 8 October 2011, my first at Wythenshawe was on 3 December 2011 (event number 18). Today's was my 300th parkrun. On hearing this Mike Dunne, flanked by Michelle and Vicky, insisted on a photo. This was Mike's 405th parkrun outing - a true parkrun veteran who I've got to know well as we are exactly the same age, and run at a very similar pace.

Coffee in the courtyard followed, with a marathon bar code token sorting session that wasn't helped by the level of incompetence shown by some who should know better! (They are hiding in the background below - I would never accuse Tris or Alan of incompetence!) 

Full results are here. As commonly occurs, Sue was first home in her age group, a long way ahead of me.

Then Sue and I shot off to Bacup for an afternoon with Kate and the grandchildren. We enjoyed a round of crazy golf, before which Jessica used her skills as a wizard to shrink Grandma.

The next three pictures show us on the course. Great fun, despite lots of cheating.

Then on Sunday I was back in Wythenshawe Park, volunteering in the woods near the naughty underpants tree. I'm supposed to protect little ones on the 2 km run from any monsters that might leap out from the trees!

After the little ones are all safely through I move to a corner where there's just a remote chance of runners failing to find their way. A couple of clicks on the camera record this mundane parkland scene.

The weekend concluded most amenably with a visit from Al and Hazel for dinner and Rummikub, with Sue concocting a delicate and tasty tomato, mozarella and basil starter.

The main course must have been a success, as our visitors left with the recipe (a slow cook version of beef stroganoff).

Sunday 20 November 2022

Friday = Isabella Day (30)

It's the last 'Friday' for a while, as we switch to Monday next week. With rain falling, we chose 'Antz in Your Pantz' as a suitable venue for the morning's activities. This involves passing John's engineering shop, where Izzie found a comfy seat.

Sadly, she couldn't quite reach the handlebars!

The trampoline and slides at 'Antz' provided nearly two hours of exhausting exercise, disturbed only by Sue's break for a coffee, which Izzie found rather upsetting!

Sue was alone on the dance floor...

Izzie walked the plank.

An armchair was available in the respite corner.

We returned home for lunch.

Then, after a long nap, a tram ride was considered obligatory, with Isabella donning her wellies and insisting that Bear wear her Shiny New Shoes.

Back at home, Bear shows his appreciation of being allowed to wear the Shiny New Shoes.