Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Tuesday 24 October 2023

A parkrun and a Community Run

Wythenshawe Park's 544th parkrun took place on 21 October. The expected rain didn't materialise, though there was quite a bit of water around.

I took pictures from near the back of the field. Here's the leader, Nick Hamlin, who has just lapped me in the next picture.

Adam Hindmarsh wasn't far behind - here he and others are about to lap me.

Sam was positioned at the Far Bridge for his marshaling duties today.

It was a bit muddy here.

Full results are here.

Sunday morning, and Wythenshawe Community Run took place in brighter weather. I took a few pictures before the start.

.... and we are away!

Nice light in the park this morning.

The photographers were out in force.

I was catching up with two ladies.

... but I stopped to record the presence of far more numerous than usual marshals near the 2km route's turnaround point.

Well done everyone, your efforts are appreciated.

Sunday 22 October 2023

Saturday 21 October 2023 - A Birthday Party

Jessica was recently 10, and Isabella was 3 a couple of days later, so a birthday party was overdue. Nell brought balloons and a cake with candles.

I did a bit of cooking after getting back from Wythenshawe parkrun #544.

A table was prepared...

The troops arrived, Isabella a bit dozy, but happy to consume the last of our raspberry harvest.

Some played Rummikub, others were content with the Brio railway.

The birthday cousins were doing their best to lead each other astray.

Jessica's recent dancing activities were on view.

Dinner went down well.

After as much apple crumble as anyone could eat, the cake came out. Much huffing and puffing... with the assistance of mummies.

The cake went down well.

"I think I'm 'stuffed'!"

What a lovely afternoon. Thanks, everyone, for coming and for some of these pictures, and we all hope that Great Grandma Dot, who today had a brief visit to hospital after falling over, makes a speedy recovery and enjoys the plate of roast dinner that was later sent her way.

Jazz at Eagley

John Percival and the Dixies 

We've enjoyed a couple of gigs at Eagley Jazz Club this month. On 2 October we were entertained by the Dixie Beats, pictured above, and a couple of weeks later the Wabash Jazz Band, pictured below, took to the floor.

Mark Challinor (band leader and banjo/guitar/ukulele), is joined by his fellow Jazzmen, 
Jon Critchley - trumpet, Mike Hayler - clarinet and tenor sax, Richard Slater - trombone, 
and Richard Vernon - string bass.

Can you spot that Richard Slater appears in both these bands?

Next: The Original Panama Jazzband, on 6 November 2023.