Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Saturday 18 February 2017

A parkrun birthday and a tasty meal


This entry is the last before our next trip, just to show that we are alive and well and enjoying some eccentric cooking.

Today’s parkrun at Wythenshawe in pleasantly warm conditions attracted 288 participants, one of whom, Brian G, was celebrating his 70th birthday. He’s pictured above in his green Go-faster top, after completing the 5 km course in a little over 25 minutes, about to extinguish the last of the candles on his cake. Parkrunners love cake, which was today also provided by Geoff F in celebration of his 50th outing.

Well done everyone, and thanks to Andy H, unusually lacking in family support, for conducting proceedings with his usual efficiency. Results are here.

On Thursday we were treated to a fine meal with some good friends, partly in celebration of Sue’s imminent landmark.

We started with ‘UTI accelerant’, aka bulls’ blood soup with a grassy garnish.


The main course comprised bulls' testicles with Daryl’s fish muscle on a bed of winter weeds.


For dessert, we were honoured with second helpings of bulls' haemorrhoids with vanilla sludge on a bed of buttered gluten free fruit flour.


These were all absolutely delicious, especially after an opening dose of a colourless herbal medicine produced from juniper berries, then ongoing flagons of a straw coloured liquid that our host claimed to have been produced by the alcoholic fermentation of grape pulp.

Happy eating, and thanks to Jessica who spent last night here and after struggling through her elephant’s fingers (we’ll get some fish fingers for you next time, Jess) carried out her washing up duties to her usual standard.

Thursday 16 February 2017

Another Quiz


Last Saturday night we enjoyed an evening with our regular ‘Spinners Quizzers’ aka ‘The San Marinos’ and some of their better halves. The seven course meal that was assembled from contributions from the eight quizzers was delicious, but it did require a bit of a break between the chicken tagine and the soufflé. I’d come prepared though – that time was taken up with the above picture quiz. You just need to identify the image.

Out of 24 points, Lyn, Louise and Bev scored 13, nearly 4 points ahead of John, Robert and Stuart. That was in about 20 minutes, with no references to the internet etc, as per pub quiz rules.

Can you do better? Answers by email to [Click on the image to get a bigger version – there’s a magnifier at the top right of the screen.

Have fun!

Wednesday 15 February 2017

Monday 13 February 2017 – A Curry Walk and Some Escapes


Monday morning. Timperley Bridge. A good day for a stroll down the towpath to Manchester. JJ had chosen well. Rick was there. Andy and Ursula turned up, dressed as if to conquer a Lakeland peak, or more. We milled around a bit, then set off to the north.


After a while we reached Stretford, where Rob and Pam joined us. They were dressed more casually, as if to dive in to the nearest branch of the Slug & Lettuce.


JJ’s excellent report on the walk is here. Apparently there was no curry on the curry walk, as some of the participants were allergic!

Sadly I had to return to Timperley to feed the family before heading off to our local break out room, Code to Exit.

The idea is that you get locked in a room and have to solve puzzles and obtain codes in order to escape. It was a birthday present for Sue.

We escaped from the Blueprint Room!


Whilst Mike had to go to work, the rest of us were on half term or sabbatical or some such, so we had a coffee then got locked in the Forgery Room. We escaped from that as well, or I wouldn’t be here!


I didn’t contribute much, but it was good fun.

Sunday 12 February 2017

Where was I then?


Here’s a pleasing image to look at on a cold February morning, looking out onto one of my favourite places.

More pictures to follow below when someone identifies the location.

…well, it took Conrad less than an hour and a half, probably much less if he had seen the posting earlier.

The above picture was taken on 24 August 2005 from the tunnel windows of the Sentiero de Luca/Innerkofler via ferrata on (in) Monte Paterno. I was accompanied by Sue, Ken, Ian and Megan.

The following pictures were taken at Forcella Lavaredo and Rifugio Tre Cime-Locatelli on 16 July 2007.


Happy Days…

NB – Tre Cime is also known as Drei Zinnen – it’s part an area that has a turbulent past.