Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Tuesday 28 May 2024

Wednesday 22 May to 27 May 2024 - To Montrose and Beyond

Here's a rare back view of Simon's cottage, from which we departed on 22 May, after a most enjoyable stay, albeit with little contact with TGO Challengers, though later, Richard Flint was confirmed to have spotted me near Mar Lodge on 20 May. I had spotted a Challenger, but hadn't recognised Richard, who says the blue Skoda passed him in the same place as last year!

The Fife Arms has been smartened up to the extent that it is outside the average Challenger's means.

We visited our old friend Bill in Drumoak - that has become a habit - after a short break in Ballater, where the river was behaving itself.

The Garden Room at the Park Hotel in Montrose was busy with Challenge Control, and a finishers' refreshments area, together with a 'Challenge Voyeur', in full swing.

On Thursday I tried to track down seasoned Challenger Humphrey, who gave invaluable help in the publishing of Reg's autobiography. I didn't succeed, but I did enjoy a 17km ramble, starting at the Blue Door in Gannochy and enjoying the woodland walk past the Rocks of Solitude. Challengers were encountered, but none had seen Humphrey.

Here's my route, 17km with 130 metres ascent, much of it over farmland to the north of the forest walk. Humphrey must have gone along the road.

Dinner for Sue and me was a most satisfactory offering from Tesco.

Over 100 Challengers enjoyed a three course dinner at 'The Park'. Sue and I waited until the Friday meal - there are meals for Challengers from Tuesday to Friday for the reasonable price of £25.

On Friday the last finishers rolled in by 4:30, after which Sue and I managed a stroll to the beach and back.

Saturday morning found us joined by Ali, Mick and Gayle, for Montrose parkrun. The sea fret conveniently kept the temperature down to something acceptable.

After coffee and cake at the nearby strawberry farm, as well as some left over strawberry tart, we headed off on an easy drive home.

On Sunday I was in running kit again, joining 60 others for Wythenshawe Community Run on a fine morning.

Monday found Sue and me on a 5km stroll. Sadly, one of De Quincey park's old trees has come down.

The park is very lush. It would appear that a 'No Mow May' policy has been adopted.

Monday was a celebration of Michael's 40th birthday at Kate's house in Bacup. Isabella was in a shy mood, despite her pretty rainbow dress.

Then some of us went for a walk and played Rummikub.