Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Monday 26 July 2010

Some Evening Walks

Stalwarts prepare for one of Andrew's Evening Walks

Just in case any of the local (to Timperley) bloggers may be interested, a list of our evening strolls for the rest of the year is here.  There’s one on Thursday.  Apologies if you have already received an e-mail or Facebook message about these.  But if you haven’t received an e-mail, and would like to in future, please drop me a note using the ‘Contact us’ button on the above link.

There’s no prize, but can you spot where these people were on 29 April 2006?  Before they retired from their active lifestyles!

Three Weeks of Sunshine

Sunset over the Ortler, from Trafoi

It’s nearly a week since we returned from our sojourn in the sun to the world of anaemic coffee and disintegrating sun tans, though nobody has complained about the gap in transmissions!

The image is of our evening view from the campsite at Trafoi.  The glacier was visibly melting during our time there.

This posting is really just by way of a dummy entry to which I’ll add an index and links to any slide shows of our trip, should I ever get around to that.  In the meantime, there are various other jobs higher on the list, and the continuing exercise of helping Mike to decorate his house.

Ah, I forgot, some images from the Piz da Lech Via Ferrata trip on 15 July, principally for Pete and Nicola, are here.

But I do enjoy blogging (hadn’t you guessed?) so am bound to find time to add something to these pages.

When in Treviso last Monday, Gillian and Nick told us the swifts had gone from Venice.  We were therefore pleased to find that ours had not left; indeed I can hear them outside the window as I write this.

I must learn the ins and outs of my new ‘phone – I upgraded (on impulse as I passed a Carphone Warehouse shop) a couple of days before leaving for the Alps.  It’s a Bold 9700, and seems to transmit more quickly than the old Curve. 

But I’ve noticed that not all the images I send from the ‘phone appear using the Firefox browser (it doesn’t seem to pick up all the images from Alan’s HTC phone either).  Perhaps a problem with our desktop computer?  Internet Explorer seems to work fine though.

I’ve also noticed little ‘suns’ on many of our file icons.  Here’s an example:

The yellow dot feature

Does anyone know what these mean?