Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Friday 9 April 2010

Thursday 8 April 2010 – Gayle and Mick’s K2CW trek – Day 17 – Thorpe to Youlgreave

Distance: 23 km (14 miles)
Ascent: 760 metres
Killer Dogs: 0
Killer Stiles: 0
Narrow Boats: 0!!
Killer Flies: 0
Killer Geese: 1
Fishermen: 0
Killer Trial Bikes: 6
Killer push bikes: 100
Runners: 0
Faffs: 8 (mainly Gayle)
Black Sheep: 2 (Glug)
Fluffy Cats: 0
Blog Stalkers: 1
Kit Failures: 0
Missing Uncles: 1
Ken’s Komfortable Taxis: 1

I enjoyed a lovely day out with Gayle and Mick, on their ‘Kent to Cape Wrath’ trek, accompanied today by Jeff, a blog stalker who goes by the name of ‘Trentham Walker’.

I slept in, a rather inauspicious start, so just as well that the many folk to whom I’d offered lifts were unable to make it.

After passing through freezing fog in Stockport, I emerged into a wonderful Peak District spring morning, with the threesome I was joining champing at the bit to shoot off into the countryside the moment I joined them at 8.15.

Here Gayle and Mick pose impatiently on the fine lawns of this swish campsite.

Mick and Gayle setting off from Ashbourne Heights campsite

The views as we headed up past Bostern Grange Farm were ‘fab’, as the Pie Man would say.

Wolfscote Dale from near Shining Tor

Wolfscote Dale was calm and sunny – out of the cool breeze – so a second breakfast was enjoyed by us all.

Second Breakfast

The paths then became quite crowded with ramblers.  But the Waterloo Inn wasn’t crowded at all.  11.25, it was shut.

Wow, a pub that Mick refused to walk past

Sandwiches on a bench later, it’s doors opened, Mick having Refused To Walk Past It (the Capitals are important, here).  An hour and a half later the fully hydrated duo staggered back out into the glare of the Derbyshire sunshine.

(Incidentally, the pub has changed hands since we visited in December.  The mushroom soup was thin and creamy, but the Black Sheep was fine.)

An hour and a half later...

The Tissington Trail allowed for speedy, if breezy, progress towards our destination, though we had to be constantly alert to small children the drivers of tomorrow, who seemed to be on a mission to mow down all before them.

Jeff, Gayle and Mick on the Tissington Trail

The peaceful day was rudely interrupted by crows mocking a pair of buzzards, and by six trial bikers on the track to Middleton, where we enjoyed afternoon tea on a bench, entertained by a learner driver in a Kangaroo, before Mick spotted this motor. 

“You can smell the leather through the window” he exclaimed, ecstatically.

Don’t worry, Mick, it’ll probably still be there when you get back from your trek!

Mick covets a New Motor

The walk into Youlgreave was delightful, as described by Gayle on her take of the day here.

The River Bradford at Youlgreave

Jeff got distracted by the sights of Youlgreave and the Black Bull, whilst the three of us lazed for a while outside the George, before Ken picked me up (thanks, Ken, that was Extremely Helpful) to return me to Thorpe, allowing the Dynamic Duo to stumble on to Alport.

"We'll wait here until closing time"

Today’s metronomic pace matched that of Mr Naismith precisely (3 mph, adding an hour for every 2000 ft of ascent), so we completed the 14 miles with 760 metres ascent in 5.75 hours, excluding about 2 hours of breaks taken during this fairly leisurely stroll.  Well, it would seem like that for me, wouldn’t it?  The others had heavy rucksacks whilst I had a bum bag.

I’ve uploaded a few more snaps that can be viewed here.

The day's route - 23 km (14 miles), 760 metres ascent, 5.75 hours plus stops, and G + M continued to Alport

Tuesday 6 April 2010

Postcard from Timperley News Flash – ‘Follower makes it to 85’

Dot's Birthday Cake

Well, we hope so, as her birthday isn’t until Thursday…

Cutting the Cake

Congratulations mum – and keep up the good work…

Sunday 4 April 2010

A Caption Contest

Leckmelm - 30 March 2010

Here’s a chance for someone to grab a beer on me next time we meet….