Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Tuesday 9 April 2024

This and That - A Diary Update

It's some time since my last posting, so here's a brief update on an uneventful couple of weeks during which we've had a new garden fence, new desktop and laptop computers, more work assisting Reg with his autobiography, and an assortment of running and other social events that seem to have swallowed up any otherwise 'free' time.

On 25 March we enjoyed a performance from the Night Owls at Eagley Jazz Club. The band comprised: Reeds: Diane Hammond, Trumpet: Ben Richeton, Trombone: Duncan Winfield, Piano: Robin Dewhurst, Drums:  Andy Bold and leader, Tuba and Bass Sax: Dan Price. Excellent.

On 29 March Sue and I met with Andrew (from whose Cheshire home the spectacular rainbow pictured above was admired), together with Sue and David, and Dave and Betty - some of our 'South African' friends - for a meal at 'The Dog' that proved to be tasty and enjoyable.

The following day, Wythenshawe parkrun offered another chance to get our trainers muddy, as part of a turnout of 195 runners and walkers. Fewer than usual, as less muddy options were taken by some of the regulars who attended drier venues. Full results are here.

It was even warm enough to enjoy our post run coffees outside in the courtyard.

Later that day, camera shy Jack and Scott finished installing our new garden fences. They seem to have made a good job of it over the course of the week, and we would recommend them - 'Level Fencing Manchester', subcontractors for Rock Steady Fencing Urmston Ltd.

Sunday morning saw Paul in familiar pose briefing the 100 plus runners before setting them off on their regular Sunday morning Community Run of 2km or 5km.

After that I returned home to provide an Easter Sunday lunch for the family plus Jacob's mate Seb. I think they enjoyed it.

1 April, and Sue and I avoided any practical jokes and admired the rapidly greening foliage in De Quincey Park.

3 April, and a walk to the shops in Sale drew the camera out for another leafy vision. My daily walks somehow miraculously avoided the frequent rain showers, though a plan to watch cricket at Old Trafford had to be abandoned.

Peter and I were students at UMIST in the late 1960s, and despite moving to Canada, where he now lives with his wife Cassie, Peter has kept in touch. They visited us on 4/5 April and we took a short stroll beside our local canal (Bridgewater). It was good to see them, albeit briefly, and to 'catch up'.

A visit to Dunham Massey allowed Peter and Cassie to use our NT membership to enjoy the Winter Garden, which is at its best just now, while Sue and I went for a wander around the estate.

The weekend's running wasn't recorded on film, and was eschewed by Sue, who went on a yoga retreat weekend in Criccieth. I did the Alexandra parkrkrun with 543 others and despite a half minute delay at the start I managed a respectable time and an age related 64%, the best for a while. Full results are here.

Sunday's Community Run also passed uneventfully (and slowly) in surprisingly sunny weather after many had been put off by early morning rain.

8 April found us at Dot's house, celebrating her 99th birthday with a sausage sandwich lunch and a game of cards, during which she spent some time stuck on a score of 99!

Returning home from that, Sue and I were soon on our way to Eagley for Trad Jazz entertainment with John Hallam and the Tom Kincaid Trio, who played to a full house.

I'm sure I've missed something, but at least 'Blogger' is working. Now I have to return to the mysteries of different versions of Microsoft Outlook and the move from Office 2003 to Microsoft 365. I think I'll carry on with Reg's autobiography first.

The following image shows that in the 400 days since I replaced my phone I must have had contact with the internet for some time on each of those days. How sad!


Sir Hugh said...

Bad weather has put a stop to much outdoor activity for me and then every time there's been a weather window it has been occupied by other appointments.

I have become slightly addicted to Wordle after finding out about it here. I have lost on two occasions because the version I have does not save an unfinished game and if I run out of time it is not there next time I boot up. I have to tell myself that it is stupid to allow that to become an issue so I have gained a valuable lesson in stress control.

Phreerunner said...

The weather can only get better, Conrad. I'm sure we'll be out and about again soon. It's a good opportunity to make progress (or not) with some indoor jobs!
Wordle is just a bit of fun, but it has become a routine breakfast time task!