Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Wednesday 7 November 2007 - Another Victim

Topwalks Extreme Trips proudly announces that it has another victim to add to the growing list. Readers from the UK should bear in mind that we are now somewhat to the South of your Fair Isle; and here it is H.O.T. hot. Today Dave was expecting one levada route. We drove up to Camacha and set off on the continuation of Levada dos Tornos. Four and a half hours in the Rother guide we are using, that yesterday gave a very conservative timing. But today we endured the Sun and Heat for 5 hours to reach our destination. Dave is pictured there, but it is still 10 km back to Camacha, so plan B (unknown to Dave) kicks in and we complete a two day loop by walking along the Levada da Serra back to Camacha, rather than cheating by using a taxi or bus. On this path the stresses of the day were ameliorated by the chance meeting of a jolly English couple and a long discussion concerning tyres for earth-moving equipment.
Here’s Dave, feeling friskier on Tornos.

And, somewhat fazed by his exertions, Dave still managed to find time to place a deposit on this magnificent structure.

So, Pat, this is your first view of your fourth home – doesn’t it have fantastic potential? Dave’s stamina today, despite his role as a Victim, has surely placed him high on the shortlist for Superhero status! Especially as whilst I’m touring around Canico looking for a Wi-Fi hotspot, he is cooking my tea!

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