Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Friday, 18 January 2008

Friday 18 January 2008 (Part 2) - TGO Challenge 2008 – An Efficient Vetting Process

It has all happened within a few days of submission. Alan Hardy’s comments have been considered and implemented where appropriate, and our route now incorporates a couple of Corbetts. How could we have missed those? Because that day we were following the sun until mid morning and 'bearing left'; we really needed to turn sharp left to reach the Corbetts! How very silly of us; no doubt we will make many similar such blunders 'in the field'. We've therefore decided to take a whistle, and you may notice from the previous post that we now have a fancy 'Starflash Mirror' to guide rescuers towards us. Once scouts, always scouts!
The amended route is again shown in outline above and the statistics are now as follows (ie very little change):
Distance: 323 km (202 miles) [2007: 343 km (214 miles)]
Ascent: 12500 metres [2007: 12950 metres]
Munros: 16 [2007: 2]
Corbetts: 2 [2007: 8]
Grahams: 1 [2007: 2]
Other Marilyns: 0 [2007: 1]
This will certainly be a much more sociable route than my Corbetteering effort last year. Who’s for a beer in Braemar on Sunday 18 May? Whilst the initial list bears lots of familiar names, it’s a shame to hear that (Podcast) Bob and Rose won’t be on the Challenge, and nor will Andy and Kate.
Next year perhaps!


Alan Sloman said...

Lord Elpus & I will be in Braemar for Saturday night and Sunday lunchtime before strolling on to Uncle Stan's & Uncle Bill's for Sunday Supper to gird our loins for the assault on the Old Man of Loch Nadgers on Monday.

Phreerunner said...

We are hoping for a good day on the 'Old Man' on the Monday. Have never been to Stan and Bill's. Remember, we are novices. To be treated gently! We will be following in your footsteps, but will we catch up?...hope to camp in Allt Darrarie. Will have shortbread (of the chocolate caramel variety). Cheese? Maybe...