Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Saturday 20 November 2010 - A Great British Ridge Walk - Number 8 - The Nantlle Ridge - from Garnedd-Goch to Y Garn

Today's lingering cloud didn't put us off. By 10.20 we had dropped off a car at Rhymes and had set off towards Cwm Silyn. We soon met a local Ranger who explained how we could have arranged a cheap taxi service had we not had our own transport for this linear walk (details later).

Elevenses were late today - enjoyed after a 400 metre ascent, in the shelter of a wall by the summit of Garnedd-Goch, with fine views over the Lleyn Peninsula. Our own route ahead was obscured by nearby Craig Cwm Silyn, the highest point on the ridge. Snowdon, now free of snow but with an intermittent cap of cloud, shone brightly to the east.

Our traverse of the 6 km ridge commenced with an easy stroll over broken rock to Craig Cwm Silyn, where a bank of cloud provided much entertainment, with Glories and Brocken Spectres in abundance - see previous posting and the comments (thanks Gibson and Paul) - it'll be interesting to see how the 'proper' photos turn out.

The ridge slowly yielded to our slow but pleasurable progress along it. I am prohibited 'on pain of death' from revealing the principal culprit, but until that person mentioned it I wasn't really aware of a laggard other than myself. Anyway, all six of us managed to negotiate the greasy rocks and vertiginous knife-edged ridges with no more damage than brown bummed Rohans.

The whole 11 km episode included around 900 metres of ascent and took us just under 6.5 hours. We finished at 4.40, just as darkness was falling. We had seen about 20 others on the ridge today, all revelling in the excellent conditions.

Anne, Sue and Jenny then enjoyed refreshments at the highly recommended (by that trio) Cwellyn Inn, whilst the rest of us retrieved the cars.

By some miracle we all finished up back in Porthmadog with sufficient groceries and 'medical supplies' to last us the evening. The latter were much needed by a faction intent on monitoring a former politician's progress through an early evening offering from the BBC.


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