Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


First, thanks go to Alan Sloman for pointing readers towards some information regarding wind farms. The prospect of these blots on the landscapes of Scotland and elsewhere in the UK is particularly distressing in the knowledge that whilst their 'Renewable Energy' tag appears to be unjustified, influential politicians of all leading parties have vested financial or political interests in rapidly blighting the landscape with these short term projects that are doomed to failure in the long term. Nobody seems brave enough to tackle the long term solutions to energy production in the UK.

Anyone interested in this subject will find LOTS of salient information on Alan's blog: and its links.

After a good breakfast, and after admiring the resident Short-eared Owls, a leisurely departure from Heather and Eddie's excellent hospitality at Bridge of Gaur found me on the road to Pitlochry in violent rain, pausing only to pick up a message from 'Drenched in Kinlochleven' aka JJ.

Café Biba in Pitlochry provided welcome respite from the rain, which then eased as I trundled on towards Ballater. The campsite here willingly accepted my TGOC parcels delivery and confirmed that the office is manned all day except when on 'cleaning duties' elsewhere on the site.

A quick trip up Ballater's small hill, Craigendarroch, saw the afternoon off, then I booked in to Habitat, a swish bunkhouse that puts Bridge of Orchy's version to shame. And it's cheaper. And there's a good pizzeria next door.

Today's image from Craigendarroch shows the view east down the Dee valley. There are also good views (into the sun at this time of day) towards Lochnagar and the Cairngorms National Park. Thankfully these views are unlikely for several reasons to be blighted by the sight of windfarms for the foreseeable future.

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Alan Sloman said...

You can't just go swanning about having a good time you know!

There's hills to climb - boots to submerge in bogs and blisters to bother you.

Rain down the back of the neck and sweaty socks and running out of pies at crucial moments. Finding you platy has burst over your sleeping bag is always good for a giggle. It can't all be good fun and frolics you know - By Eck! You're northern after all!

Laura said...

Great little hill - I know it well!
Used to walk up there at least once a week.

Phreerunner said...

I ran out of pies ages ago, Alan. And I don't have a platy for the very reason that they are prone to leaks!
Cheese and wine are on my mind this morning, for some reason.
A gentle stroll beckons before the hard work begins...
Can't go too far though as my maps are in Oban (thank you, Great British Postal Service)
Does your route really involve climbing fences? You'll never learn!
Have fun
Swanner in Ballater

Phreerunner said...

Thanks Laura - it was an important recce for the Challenge.
We may finally meet up tomorrow - which restaurant is it in Oban?