Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Not Quite Spring in the Peak District


Yesterday Sue and I enjoyed a brief stroll from Upper Burbage Bridge, over Burbage Rocks to Burbage Bridge, returning over some slightly boggy ground on which Higger Tor marks the high point.

Only 6-7 km, in around an hour and a quarter, but a good dose of fresh air after a lengthy visit to ‘Outside’ in Hathersage, and a reminder that winter is not over – there was a cold wind and we could see hail showers, though none got us.

Higger Tor is the high point above Sue’s head (above) and I am pictured there, below.


Mission accomplished:  Sue now has some new boots, Superfeet, and replacement t-shirts, so she won’t be evicted from the GR10 (Pyrenees) party…


Alan R said...

Sue’s looking cool in trad blue but when did you get Tango’d Martin!

Still very chilly on the tops isn’t it. Bitterly cold this morning.

Phreerunner said...

My smart new gear was carefully chosen to match the Garmin Gadget, Alan.

Yes, it is fairly cool, as I discovered on a 4 hour bike ride this morning - actually excellent conditions so long as you wore gloves and a buff, as everything has dried out nicely. Didn't even need to hose the bike down!

Meanwhile, Gayle and Mick seem to have discovered a mysterious snowfield in the Peak District. I didn't spot it on either of my visits - I think they may be playing with photoshop!

Gayle said...

I can assure you that no Photoshopping took place (I don't even have such software!), and that photo was genuinely taken yesterday morning. Can't say that I was expecting snow, but it was definitely there.

I don't imagine it hung around too long into the day (that said, it did snow lightly on us even as we walked down into Glossop), but in the early morning it was winter all over again on the tops.

Phreerunner said...

You certainly know how to test a tent, Gayle! My new one will have to wait until the start of the Challenge to be tested now, as my porterage service is unexpectedly imminent!

Will you be at the backpackers meal at the Knot Inn on Wednesday? If so, tell JJ.