Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Monday, 13 May 2013

Monday 13 May 2013 -TGO Challenge Day 4 - Wild Camp by waterfall to Struy

Route: FWA as planned, plus a diversion - basically descent to Glen Strathfarrar and a long road walk to Struy, plus an exploratory diversion

See http:/ Day 4 for map of where I should have been

Distance: 26km (Cum 96)

Ascent: 500 metres (Cum 4080)

Time taken: 6.75 hrs including 0.75 hrs stops

Weather: overnight slithering sounds revealed snow at dawn; cold rain showers and a brisk westerly all day

Challenger encountered: Ali Ogden, hence the brevity and lateness of this posting

Overnight snow, though it didn't stay for long where I was at 350 metres, may have surprised some Challengers. It certainly surprised me, as it had seemed quite a warm night. 

After a lie in I packed up and headed down to the road, for the twenty plus km stroll to Struy down beautiful Glen Strathfarrar. 

A diversion into the Struy Forest to find an alternative to the road proved futile when I couldn't find the path, but at least it made a change  from the road for an hour and a half. 

Then much washing and eating and socialising at this fine establishment, and great to catch up with Ali.

I forgot to get the phone out today except when I was about to strike camp, so I'm afraid it's another TNSC2 picture. 

There are lots of deer down in the valley,  even strolling past the restaurant window.  Bewick Swans, Pied Wagtails and lots of LBJs, as well as Wrens and Oyster Catchers,  Dippers, etc were also spotted. 

That's all for now.  Thanks again for your comments. 

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Andrew Round said...

The weather is mightily surprising...good luck!

Alan R said...

Tent looks nice Martin. Good choice.