Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Thursday, 6 September 2018

'Summer in the Alps' - Day 43 - Zermatt - A Visit to Fluhalp, 2620 metres

Thursday 6 September 2018

Yesterday we walked about 18 km, with 800 metres ascent.
Today we covered around 16 km, with 500 metres ascent.

Another sunny start, but it soon clouded over and the views lacked the contrast and clarity of the previous two days. Today we got back to the apartment at 4.15, a few minutes after which it was pouring with rain.

The Sunnegga train provided our means of ascent today, whisking us up from 1620 metres after a five minute walk from our apartment, to 2288 metres at Sunnegga. The journey took place entirely in a tunnel, and lasted five minutes. More a sort of 600 metre goods lift than a train journey.

We were soon alone on the hillside, with the vast majority of customers taking the onward gondola to Blauherd (2571 metres).

Some black and white goats shunned Sue's attempt to befriend them, en route to Stellisee, a small lake surrounded by persons of an oriental nature. (Not a problem as whilst there are many such folk at the flesh pots,  they are a rare sight more than a few metres from a point of transport.)

We tried our best to get a good 'reflection of the Matterhorn' picture, but the conditions weren't so good today. Fish were continuously breaking the reflective surface of Stellisee, despite the efforts of a fly fisherman to reduce the population.

Not many folk were continuing to Fluhalp, where Project 1949 had an assignment. Coffees and apfelstrudel were duly consumed, and every effort was made, with limited success, to replicate the old photos.

We continued up the Tallinen valley for a while, but failed to locate the exact place where one of the 1949 photos had been taken. Marmots shrieked in derision.

After walking along the crest of the moraine for a while, we descended to Grindjisee, where the views were not really worth recording. Then it was on to Grünsee, where we spent ages trying to find the exact location for a project picture. It's a shame that clouds obscured much of the mountain view.

A long woodland descent down virtually deserted paths crossed the Gornergrat railway above Findelbach Station. Our waves generated a generous response from the passengers on a long train, though the squirrels didn't sound too pleased with our presence.

Housing in the pretty suberb of Winkelmatten seemed to be competing for the best floral display, mostly in a deep shade of purple.

An excellent walk, and as noted earlier, we got home before it started to rain. Another roast chicken dinner was concocted, preceded by avocado salad, with baked peaches and ice cream for dessert. The Swiss 'Dôle du Valais' Grand Pierraz wine provided by our guest for the evening, John Burt, went down very well.

Today's pictures:
Apartment Dolomit, our home for the week
Reflections in Stellisee
The mountain hut at Fluhalp
On the moraine near Fluhalp
John and Sue before dinner

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