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A Lake District Saunter – 20 to 25 June 2016 – Index


Here are links to the various entries relating to last week’s hostelling trip:

Day 1 – Windermere to Ambleside

Day 2 – Ambleside to Coniston

Day 3 – Coniston to Elterwater

Day 4 – Elterwater to Honister Hause

Day 5 – Honister Hause to Buttermere

Day 6 – Buttermere to Keswick

There are two slideshows:

Highlights (87 images)

The full works (189 images)

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Summits visited were as follows:

Day 1 - Orrest Head (WO), Wansfell (W)(B), Wansfell Pike (B)

Day 2 - Loughrigg Fell (Ma)(W)(B)

Day 3 - Coniston Old Man (Ma)(W)(B), Brim Fell (W)(B), Little How Crags (O), Great How (B), Swirl How (W)(B), Great Carrs (W)(B), Little Carrs (B), Hell's Gill Pike (B)

Day 4 - Rossett Pike (W)(B), Great Gable (Ma)(W)(B), Green Gable (W)(B), Brandreth (W)(B), Grey Knotts (W)(B)

Day 5 - Green Crag (O), Haystacks (W)(B), Seat (B), High Crag (W)(B), Grey Crags (Ma)(B), High Stile (W)(B), Red Pike (W)(B)

Day 6 - Whiteless Pike (W)(B), Thirdgill Head Man (B), Wandope (W)(B), Crag Hill (W)(B), Eel Crag (B), Sand Hill (B), Hopegill Head (W)(B), Hobgarten Crag (B), Grizedale Pike (Ma)(W)(B), Kinn (B)

Ma - Marilyn
W - Wainwright
B - Birkett
WO - Wainwright Outlier
O - Other Summit

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Monday 27 June 2016 – Yorkshire Sculpture Park


Above: YSP’s reaction to Brexit.

Sue and I tried to relieve our Brexit depression by heading with Susan across to Yorkshire for a day with Bob and Margaret, who it turned out were similarly depressed. It would be helpful if we could find someone, anyone?, other than AlanR who is actually in favour of Brexit. Apart from Alan, and one or two people with specific gripes (‘immigrants’, ‘specific EU regulation’) everyone we know seems to be similarly depressed. We can only hope AlanR is right in the long run, but currently I feel a trip to the moon is more likely than that. Moving to Scotland seems to be an option some are considering.

(Deep sigh – no comments on this please)

Luckily it was a lovely day in Yorkshire and we started by enjoying al fresco coffees in the excellent café.


We then strolled around the park. It’s about a five kilometre walk around the perimeter. Here are a few of the sculptures we passed on the way:

Al Weiwei - 'Iron Tree'


Serge Spitzer - 'Coiled steel beam, rubber'


David Nash - 'Seventy One Steps'


Andy Goldsworthy - 'Hanging Trees'


From the far side of the park, the sunlit grassland shimmered in the breeze.


Soon we were back at Cascade Bridge, overlooking the Lower Lake.


Antony Gormley - 'One and Other'


Marialuisa Tadei - 'Octopus'


Marialuisa Tadei - 'Day and Night' (Night)


Magdalena Abakanowicz - 'Ten Seated Figures'


Not Vital - 'Moon'


Not Vital - 'Head'


Not Vital sculptures – he had a large display. (Not Vital is a person.)


After lunch we walked a short circuit, looking at some of the works close to the shop and café.

Here’s a rabbit woman. Margaret, Sue and Susan weren’t really impressed by the ‘message’.


Julian Opie - Galloping Horse (a moving image)


Another sculpture that looks like we feel…


Here’s a final glance to the park past a Barbara Hepworth work, before Sue and I rejoined a queue of lorries on the A628 over Woodhead and Susan went to Sheffield with Bob and Margaret.


The Sculpture Park is a great place for a day out. Highly recommended.

There’s a 72 image slideshow here – click on the first image then click on ‘slideshow’.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

A Lakeland Jaunt - Day 6 - Buttermere to Keswick

Date: Saturday 25 June

Distance: 18.7 km (Cum: 110.4)

Ascent: 1249 metres (Cum: 6750)

Time taken: 6.2 hrs including breaks

Weather: sunny periods

The swimmers were up early and joined us in the queue for a 7.30 breakfast. That set us up for an 8.30 departure, with Jeanette taking the road over Newlands Pass and the remaining three of us heading up Whiteless Pike. We started to meet around 500 people doing a 10 in 10 challenge. Ten peaks in ten hours. They were moving at varying speeds. Mostly Geordies.

Meanwhile, Jeanette was being passed by cyclists on an Ironman triathlon involving a 2.4 mile swim across Windermere, a 112 mile bike ride with 3700 metres ascent, and a 26.4 mile run up Scafell Pike from Great Langdale - another 1450 metres of ascent. Quite a challenge.

We left the 10 in 10ers on Crag Hill. They were coming from Sail. We were going over Eel Crag to Hopegill Head. Here we encountered a chap manning the second checkpoint of another fell race. It was warm and sultry on the summit. Lots of midges. Otherwise a delightful spot. He told us there was yet another fell run on today, with Joss Naylor running a challenging route to Honister, presumably in celebration of his 80th birthday.

In fine but increasingly cloudy weather, we headed over Grisedale Pike and down Sleet How to a point breezy enough to keep the midges at bay, but warm enough to make do with light fleeces.

Then it was over Kinn, our 34th and final summit of this little jaunt, and down a woodland path past Orange Hawkweed (aka Fox and Cubs) to Braithwaite.

The path to Keswick via Bog House and How Farm came with notices warning of damaged and missing bridges. Ignoring the warnings, and the frequent 'Bull in Field' signs, it soon became apparent that they constituted a means of deception by a farmer in an effort to exclude walkers from his land. The only problem encountered was actually finding the route of the overgrown path at one point.

Anyway, after admiring the views to our earlier route across the tops, we soon reached the Cumbria Way route at the point of a sturdy footbridge over the River Derwent. Keswick high street was shortly under our soles, and our rendezvous with Jeanette was followed by celebratory tea/coffee and cake. We must have looked hungry. I was served what appeared to be about a quarter of a carrot cake.

So ended this pleasant jaunt in the best of company. Thanks, everyone, for coming along and for putting up with my occasional 'meanders'.

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Friday, 24 June 2016

A Lakeland Jaunt - Day 5 - Honister Hause to Buttermere

Date: Friday 24 June

Distance: 16.4 km (Cum: 91.7)

Ascent: 1203 metres (Cum: 5501)

Time taken: 8.3 hrs including breaks

Weather: showery morning, sunny afternoon

A mood of gloom and despondency descended on the twenty or so guests at Honister Hause YHA as news of the referendum result filtered through from someone's radio. Nobody had voted to exit (at the time of writing we still haven't found anyone embarrassed enough to confess having voted to leave Europe).

The warden, Tim, had been on holiday to Lindisfarne for a couple of days. Amy had put things away in strange places and there were eight unexpected guests, so breakfast was slightly chaotic. He reminded me of Ken, who he knows, and he also passed on his best wishes to Sue W at head office.

As we left at 9.20, the light rain stopped immediately and we made our way gently up to the summit of Haystacks. All the summits were visited, then we ambled down to Scarth Gap.

As we ascended Seat, we could see D of E children with bright red pack covers, wriggling up Haystacks.

19 men and women with spades were descending from High Stile. Volunteers from Fix the Fells, clearing drainage channels on Gamlin End.

Approaching High Stile from Red Pike, an Indian (or similar) group on a 24 in 48 challenge. That's 24 summits in 48 hours. High Stile was their second summit, gained after lunch on day 1. They may struggle!

Lots of Bell Heather on the way down to Scale Beck.

Bog asphodel, cotton grass, orchids and pied wagtails on the stroll into Buttermere on a lovely afternoon. We paused at Syke Farm for half an hour, enjoying tea, cake and ice cream in the sun with other walkers.

The hostel was full of 'Swim the Lakes' participants and their Range Rovers. Jeanette washed her bleeding feet and the rest of us also enjoyed hot showers before heading back down to the Fish Inn for our evening meal. Excellent. 

But gutted by Brexit.

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A Lakeland Jaunt - Day 4 - Elterwater to Honister Hause

Date: Thursday 23 June

Distance: 22.7 km (Cum: 75.3)

Ascent: 1625 metres (Cum: 4298)

Time taken: 9 hrs including breaks

Weather: sunny, warm, calm

Another day of perfect walking weather. Shame that neither New nor Old Dungeon Ghyll establishments open until 11 am, thereby starving us of mid morning coffee. We did find a friendly tractor driver though, proud of his old motor that will turn its wheels to anything.

Not to worry, we found a lovely spot to tarry for a while at the head of the Langdale valley before heading up the Rossett Gill path and ascending, packless, to the summit of Rossett Pike.

Wheatears and skylarks.

Quite a few people around as we descended past Sprinkling to above Styhead Tarn. Here, P and J took the direct route to Green Gable, missing out Great Gable and its rocky descent. Susan and I went up the latter, enjoying fine views across Wastwater before heading down to join the others in a nearly idyllic spot on Green Gable, where both Jeanette and I received expensive international phone calls from Manchester. Both EE and Vodafone claimed that we were, despite being in view of both Windermere and the environs of Keswick, outside the UK on the Isle of Man!

The late afternoon light lent lovely tones to our steep descent to Honister Hause youth hostel - just in time to give Amy our food order in time for her to cook it.

The hostel is quite busy. We have a cosy room for four. Full board for the four of us is £114. There's scope in the budget for a few welcome beers.

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