Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Saturday 28 June 2008 - An Italian Border Route (IBR) - Day 4 - A Welcome Pause In Fontan/Saorge

Saorge from the south

Plan: Rest Day

Actual: Rest Day around Camp Site at Fontan - 460 metres
Visit to interesting village of Saorge.
2 km, 50 metres ascent.

Best bit: Just chilling out.

Cumulative to date (planned in brackets):
63 km (53), 4220 metres ascent (3600), 25 hours (roughly!) walking (25).
No of summits visited: 2

Checked messages today:

Best of luck with the Wild Camping Saga, to those involved. I did notice the PM's office's derisory response to the petition before I left.

Thank you, John, for your words of encouragement from Timperley.

Thank you, Alan, for your words of - for want of a better one - jealousy! We don't pretend to be 'lightweight' as we have all the gear for 2 months in the Alps, and on this section we have had to carry lots of water. It's quite sweaty in 30-35C, even without 15 kg on your back! Hopefully some of the maps will be posted home as we go along, but we don't have the luxury of a local base or any 'stashes'. We have light but comfy kit, and my sack is certainly lighter than in the Pyrenees 4 years ago. It needs to be - I've slowed down since then.
And Alan, 35 years of hard graft and a big investment in a couple of children (how else would we have got to Liverpool for 5.30 am?), has surely earned the right to tramp around in 30+C temperatures with 15+kg aloft!?!

Must be mad!

Today Dave Oliver cheekily tried to impress us with tales of sunshine and good walks in the Pyrenees. We know he gets more holiday than we do but at least it was a case of 'touché' on this occasion! Hi Dave, we know you haven't time to read this.

Sounds like the weather is ripe for an Andy Howell Pyrenees Experience...

After a leisurely morning in Fontan we hitched a lift with a nice Parisien couple who had recently relocated to Nice, for the short ride through the nasty tunnel to Saorge.
It didn't take long to recce tomorrow's exit route from here, then we seemed to get stuck in Bar Lou Pountin, where it was 33C in the shade.

When the going gets tough....

Sue found a fountain to cool her feet.

We agree that the title of this blog could be misleading (it already is for anyone Googling 'Postcards of Timperley' - and believe me, such people exist!).
So, I've tried to amend it.

Now back at camp we have established that the nearby restaurant that said 'Opening 28 June' has in fact opened. So we'll be along there shortly to comply with Sue's high carbohydrate regime in preparation for the next 3 days, which sound challenging in this heat! Beer is very high carb, I keep telling her...

Kit report:
3 long hot days in brand new Asolo Fugitives. They feel like slippers.
X-socks - a last minute purchase from Bob and Rose. Excellent for comfort and drying qualities. Sue needs some....

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