Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Tuesday 24 June 2008 - An Italian Border Route (IBR) - Prologue No 2

In a Menton coffee shop, and at Camping St Michael

Plan: Menton to Camping Fleur de Mai - 2 km, 100 metres ascent, 1 hour.

Actual: Menton (Madone) to Camping St Michel (€13)

4 km, 220 metres ascent (including back to town for a meal), approx 2 hours.

Mike got us efficiently to Liverpool, then security tried their best:

1. To confiscate our MSR Superfly stove, and

2. To delay us from getting on the plane, simply by not getting people through fast enough.

Sue skillfully negotiated the stove on board (by licking it greedily), and we paid an extra £2 each to get in a fast lane that saw us through security just in time.

The flight saw us transcribing addresses from a bulky list, into new notebooks, one of which has now disappeared. The bulky list was binned in the meantime, so if you don't get a postcard please don't be as upset as we are to have lost the notebook.

Nice airport was efficient, and we exited the airport about 20 minutes after landing. The 11am bus got us to Menton by lunchtime, and some nice people in a small café saved us the trouble of going to our planned camp site - Fleur de Mai - 'C'est fermé' they said. So we are now luxuriating at the Municipal site, Camping St Michel, a steamy 110 metre ascent from Menton.

It's just about bearable - 31C in the shade.

We'll venture back into town shortly for a meal and provisions, before setting off on our ramble tomorrow.

The weather (to use Alan Sloman's words - and make him jealous) is 'perfick'.

Next Day

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Alan Sloman said...

Sitting in my little hime office on my Aeron chair (the Aeron is my friend...) I am of course massively jealous. What with Gayle & Mick now over ten weeks into their trip with Letterewe to come and you two skivers paddling about Europe in your canoe shoes, and me supposedly working (going through the blogs first thing).

Have a splendid trip. Should we rename your blog for this epic?