Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Easter Sunday along the Bridgewater Canal

We've returned from Scotland to gorgeous summery weather, so after yesterday's laziness I got some exercise this morning on my regular 14 mile bike ride to Lymm along the disused railway, returning along the Bridgewater Canal.

The sun beamed from a pristine sky.  Despite the early hour, lots of people were about, cycling, walking, rowing, barging, fishing, running, walking dogs, etc.  What a contrast to a couple of days ago, when we walked on Good Friday for six hours and encountered nobody.

Everything has really 'greened up' here during the past week. 
I noticed a mallard with six chicks - the first I've seen this year.


Quite cute really!


Nearby, the canal is crossed by the main A56 road in Altrincham.


Dandelions and white dead nettles now vie with butterbur for prime positions along the banks of the canal.



The Altrincham to Warrington railway track has recently been resurfaced, so users now don't have to negotiate marshes along here, though it can be a bit boring, and horse riders rule supreme - they rarely acknowledge the other more courteous users.


I should know what this bush is...the bumble bees were feeding busily on it.


The canal towpath runs through open countryside around Lymm.


Another mallard was busy with her young family - eight of them this time.


Then I whizzed back home, sunglasses being essential today.

Here's the route - 14.6 miles, taking up to an hour and a quarter at a steady pace:


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