Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Saturday 12 September 2009 - A Chance Encounter in Interlaken

Imagine this conversation:

Roger: 'Isn't that Martin rude, not coming to our 25th wedding anniversary party?'

Sandra: 'Yes, especially as he was your Best Man!'

R: 'He did have an excuse.'

S: '"Going to The Alps."'

R: 'He's always going to The Alps.'

S: 'I'm not sure, maybe it was just an excuse not to come to our party.'

R: 'Perhaps he didn't want to come. Maybe Sue is just a figment of his imagination.'

S: 'Surely not!'

R: 'Why don't we check his alibi then?'

S: 'What, go to The Alps?'

R: 'Yes, I haven't worked on the railways for 42 years for nothing - we can get there, first class, for a snip.'

S: 'Ok, but I don't think we'll find Martin. The Alps is a Big Place you know.'

R: 'Don't be pessimistic. If he's there we'll see him...'

By and by, Roger and Sandra duly embarked for The Alps in their First Class Charabanc. One day, on a bike ride to Thuner See, near Interlaken, a white haired man stepped out in front of them.

"Hello Roger, Hello Sandra, sorry I couldn't make your party, I was here in The Alps."

"Just checking" said Roger drolly, "where's Sue?"

You see, it really is a small world. We went to Interlaken today and bumped into Roger and Sandra, who live near Lilo and Trish, and all those many years of Christmas cards now seem worthwhile. We had no idea that R and S were in the Alps. Reminiscences were only just getting under way (I think they stalled on the 'Three Tarns Adventure') when we had to part again, so we hope to resume those in the near future.

Roger did ask us to pass on one message to another contemporary from our days at UMIST: "Hello Peter!"

The gardens of Interlaken seemed to be decked with sunflowers vying for the best views of the paragliders and (increasingly rare) hang gliders.

Next day

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Dot said...

Hi Martin and Sue
Lovely to keep up with your progress and glad to hear that Sue's shoulder is improving. Had Kate on the phone topday and she tells me you are home on Tuesday. Rob, Chuck and I go to Harlech on 19th. Hope to see you on our return. Love