Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Wednesday 3 February 2010 – Helen and Martine enjoy a Bimble from Wakefield

Trees at P19

We’ve been rumbled….

Here’s an extract, referring to my ski last Friday, from The Gatineau Guide:

“Also out in the cold yesterday was the blogger Postcard from Timperley. She* skied from P7 despite a sign posted at the empty parking lot advertising marginal ski conditions, and she lived to report:

"This was a lovely two and a half hour ski – about 20 km – in lovely conditions once you got used to the cold.  I’ve not seen the Park so quiet on such a sunny day – the locals do seem rather averse to going out in cold weather."

*Why do I feel this is a she? I may be wrong. Whoever she/he is, they are clearly not cowed by a little nip in the air or a grandmotherly sign in the parking lot. Obviously someone worth knowing! And what about you "locals"? Are you going to let some foreigner show you up as "averse to going out in cold weather"? (She's from Timperley so that makes her a foreigner.)”

Fame at last!  Though I do feel obliged to change my name for today…

On a fairly warm morning (minus 10C with very little wind – and the wind chill really does make a big difference) we set off at 11am from P17 near Wakefield.  We had to fight our way through a large gaggle of school children.

Where are you going to?” we asked a laggard.  “Don’t know” (don’t care) he replied, stumbling over his skis.  Teachers were wrestling to resolve issues of inappropriate equipment and find a hauler for the all important but unexpected fifth sledge.

Where are you going to?” we asked a lad at the front, clearly champing at the bit to haul a heavy sledge along the trail.  “Brown Cabin” (I wish they’d b****y well get going) he replied, definitively.

Anyway, Helen and Martine set off gently along trail 53 to Philippe.  Here’s Helen enjoying a rare open section of trail, which she declared to be in ‘Good to Very Good’ condition, despite a lack of recent grooming.  (Incidentally, the grooming this year seems to be sparser than usual, the only real effort seemingly being made on the Parkways and Ridge Road.)

Helen on Trail 53

By and by, well – after an hour and a quarter, we reached the fleshpots of P19, the ‘Philippe’ Parking Lot, meeting just a handful of folk along the way.

Parking lots have convenient, if small, buildings:
 A welcome sight

This blog leaves little to the imagination!  These shots are really for Martine’s UK viewers, who are sometimes curious about ‘facilities’.
Would ‘Night Bird’ manage here?  I think so!

Interior shot

Trail 51 loops back to trail 53 after a couple of kilometres, leading back to P17 after a total of just over two hours and nearly 17km at our very sedate (I’m reluctant to describe it as ‘feminine’) pace.

On Friday (the day referred to above) I failed to record passing a hardy musician with a video camera along Ridge Road, one of very few people out that day.  She wasn’t here today; it must have been too warm!

The day had started with snow flurries, but we finished in bright sunshine.  A very pleasant little outing, which Sue would have enjoyed.  We were both sad that she couldn’t be with us.

Tim Hortons provided an adequate lunch.

The Wellington Gastropub provided an excellent dinner.

Now for something completely different:

Two weeks today, on Wednesday 17 February, Martine and Michelle (The Pie Lady of Crook Town) plan to meet at Newlands, probably around 10 am at NY 232 195, for a ‘Great British Ridge Walk’.  All properly equipped persons are welcome.  Best check with us in advance to confirm time and venue, and dire weather could result in a change of plan.


Nallo Lady said...

Our 'house-minder', Andrea, tells me that a Tim Horton's has opened near Ikea in Warrington! She and her husband felt duty bound to go in for a coffee but were disappointed to find a lack of 'Tim Bits'! They have fond memories of living in Ottawa and stocking up from Tim Horton's before a long journey. Andrea is forever lamenting the lack of sunshine in Manchester compared with Ottawa. I'm inclined to agree with her, particularly at present, as it has snowed AGAIN and is grey and cold.... Come back Egypt.

mike knipe said...

The Laura Ashley curtains in the Pheonix Phreerunner were a bit of a giveaway, I thought...

Phreerunner said...

Michelle - only you could have spotted them! Actually they are the only non-breathable bits.
Luckily the picture doesn't show my washing line and its drapery, all in alphabetical order, of course...

Louise said...

Hanging out washing is easier for one, it only has to be alphabetical. It has to be in age then layer order aswell as alphabetical if there are more of you.

Don't get me started on the pegs...

Charles said...

Wellington Gastropub is a stone's throw from GuideGatineau World Headquarters (my house).

Paul said...

Way to go Martine! (though I did have you down as more of a Martina, truth be told...)

Phreerunner said...

And perhaps Mike is more of a Michaela than a Michelle, Pauline.

Charles, this is all your fault - next time we go to the Gastropub we'll be calling in at GuideGatineau World HQ for coffee and liqueurs afterwards!
Sadly, that will be next year, as my brief sojourn here is nearly at an end.

Paul said...

Paula, please!

Gayle said...

Hey Martine!

That convenience looks to be of a better quality than the one found at the end of the dam at Nant-y-Moch reservoir! All that pine panelling, is just so much more pleasing than blue plastic!

As for the Ridge-based jaunt on 17 Feb, we're pottentially up for it (if we qualify as 'properly equipped'?!). Just to make sure that I'm not going to turn into a day-spoiling slow-coach-and-whinger, could you let me know the distance and ascent involved?

Phreerunner said...

I haven't got the stats with me, Gayle, but it's a 5-6 hour walk - one of the easier 'Great British Ridge Walks'. You will cope. We don't exactly speed along. I'll send details next Sunday, when back at home. Northern Pies may already know the route, as we've postponed it at least once!