Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Sunday 6 February 2011 – A Monochromatic Day

Renauld Cabin

Sue enjoyed a lazy day with Helen, as skiing before tomorrow’s long day of travelling would be a potential health hazard for her neck.

Ken was on a long 50km ski with ‘The Masters’ (aka ‘the Oldies’), in  final training for next weekend’s ski marathon, so I headed off to Wakefield to enjoy a favourite route:

P17 > #51 > #52, in perfect condition > #50 > #51 > #55, the Taylor Lake Loop > Renauld Cabin (pictured above) > #54 > Lusk Cabin (pictured below) > #54 > #50 > #51 > Philippe (P19) > #53 > #51 to the top of the hill and back > #53 > P17.

Lusk Cabin

It was an excellent final day’s skiing for this year, despite dull weather and a monochromatic outlook.  Perhaps my next posting will be blessed with a bit of colour from a snow-free UK?

The view from Trail 53

The trails were in good condition, and the company in the cabins was very chatty, but my butty remained uneaten due to the paucity of a fire at Lusk, and my tea gave me toothache – a visit to the dentist will be a priority when I get home.  What’s new?  At least I didn’t need to visit Helen’s dentist in Ottawa this year!

Few photos today – they would all have been black and white, like the one above, taken near the end of the day on trail 53.  I was pleased to do 40km, with 800 metres of ascent, all at a gentle pace in a bit less than six hours, with no incidents (apart from narrowly missing an old lady in her mid ‘80s on the descent from Lusk!).

Au revoir, Ontario and Quebec… until next year, perhaps?

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