Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Wednesday 5 October 2011 – A Curry Walk

“Fancy a Curry Walk?” asked JJ.

JJ on the Bridgewater Canal towpath in Timperley

I think that was a “Yes”.

We met on the towpath in Timperley at 10am, for a re-run of the walk we enjoyed on 16 February 2011.

After passing posh barges in Sale, Stretford’s water borne transport looked a little run down.

The Bridgewater Canal at Stretford

John’s brother Damian met us in Stretford.  He’s over here from Sydney, on his third visit in twenty years.  Here they are at the junction where the Bridgewater Canal heads off towards Eccles and our route to Manchester is beside the link with the Rochdale Canal.

John and Damian

Earlier in the year, orchids and water lilies flourish here, but today the colour in the hedgerow was provided mainly by Asters.

Aster, or Michaelmas Daisy?

The Australian tourist seemed fascinated.

Canalside sign

Beyond the football ground, the towpath changes to the other side of the canal, at the Throstle Nest Bridge in Old Trafford.

Throstle Nest Bridge - Old Trafford

There’s a Throstles Nest pub nearby.  It used to be my ‘local’.

Here’s the view towards Manchester from the bridge.

View towards Manchester from Throstle Nest Bridge

Nearer to ‘town’ I took a close-up picture of this freshly painted bridge, but have chosen the following image in preference, illustrating not only the finely decorated bridge, but its exhausted painter, an exercising office worker, a camera happy Australian tourist, a thirsty TGO Challenger, and some very old cobbles.

A newly painted bridge

Castlefield, backed by the Beetham Tower, always seems busy with boats, bridges, waterways and people.  It’s a vibrant spot that just a few years ago would have had the air of a desolate wasteland.

That’s Rick, on the bridge, passing the time with a local eccentric whilst waiting for us.  He would never miss a curry opportunity, even when not fit enough to complete the walk.


The area sports numerous ‘touches’ in support of city centre wildlife, here by way of inaccessible bird boxes under a very old railway bridge.

Birdboxes in Castlefield

After walking through Manchester’s centre, almost entirely beside the canal, our objective - ‘Rice + 3 Curries - £4.90’ - was finally reached.

This & That

15km in just over three hours. After lunch we adjourned to the ‘English Lounge’ for a beer.  Unfortunately there was no beer, so we went to the Shakespeare, where the Boddies was on tap but ‘off’ if you get my drift.  The Spitfire went down well, though!

Here’s the route:


Alan R said...

The thought of a good curry always spurs you on.

Was that Rice and 3 curries each for £4.90?
Spitfire or Boddies. No contest there then. The Spitfire wins hands down.

The Venison curry from just round the corner is good too.

Phreerunner said...

Rice + 3 Curries is £4.90. It's quite a plate full. They have different curries each day and you can choose 3 from about 8 (have more if you like...)
I enjoyed chicken, liver, and spinach and potato as the main ingredients on this occasion.
I agree with you regarding the Spitfire BTW, though maybe not in the 'old days'.
There are several competitors for This & That, but Rick has been going there for many years and is reluctant to change. The owner is very friendly.

Alan R said...

That’s great value. Next week i will give it a try.

Old Boddies during the days of Oldham Breweries was superb. The colour was unique and it was especially good in the Packet House on Patricroft Bridge. I remember there was also some good Boddies pubs in your area too.
It’s dreadful stuff now. I would walk on if that was all they had.
As you guys know Manchester well i am surprised you went in the Shakespeare when you must have walked close to the City Arms on Kennedy St. or the Unicorn on Church St (just off High St) or the Ape and Apple on John Dalton St. or even the Hare and Hounds on Shudehill. 4 far better beer houses.

Phreerunner said...

Good point Alan. We just nipped in for a quick one on the way to the tram. I've spent many an hour in (or outside) the City Arms over the years.

Trekking Britain said...

Great composition on the photo with the Beetham Tower and Castlefield. All very familiar to me. Funny you mentioned the Aussie being fascinated by Old Trafford. I often say to people how much we take such things for granted. When I sit in Old Trafford, cycle or drive past it I often think about how many millions of people around the world would give anything to see it. :-)