Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Monday, 13 May 2013

Saturday 11 May 2013 - TGO Challenge Day 2 - Loch nan Gillean to Camp near col

Route: More or less as planned, wild camping at NH 057 412 (630 metres) 

See http:/ Day 2 for map

Distance: 25km (Cum 48)

Ascent: 1450 metres (Cum 2600)

Time taken:  9.25hrs including 1.7hrs stops

Weather: rain,  gradually brightening, with the rain finally pausing around 11am. We then enjoyed a couple of hours of 'not rain' before it started again. As I chose my camping spot at 5.15pm the rain miraculously stopped, the sun came out, and the hills I'd just climbed in thick cloud and heavy rain grinned at me as the sun's rays warmed their rocks.

Challengers encountered: none, the only people I saw today were two walkers coming down from Lurg Mor and 'Cheesecake'.

It was a good night to test a new tent.  Constant rain, blustery at times.  I slept well.  Enough said. 

I woke today in the same cloud that I went to sleep in last night. However, it was easy enough to make my way across the trackless bog and around the edge of some forestry to gain a path that was even more boggy. This soon got me to a better track that led me to the main estate track up to Bendronaig Lodge. It wouldn't have been so soon if I'd slipped on the tree trunk I used as a river crossing at one point. A film of that, as branches snapped and poles went flying, may have been hilarious. 

For an hour or so I was free from waterproofs, but given the cool breeze I lunched in Bendronaig  Lodge's bothy. When I emerged 40 minutes later it was raining again. 

Three people a few minutes ahead of me may have been John, Sue and Jane, but I didn't find out as they continued beside Loch Calavie whilst I headed up to the col between Lurg Mor and 'Cheesecake'.

That thrutch was rewarded with the pleasure of a couple of hours without my rucksack.  Whilst it was raining, the benign conditions didn't merit even contemplating my FWA (foul weather alternative).

I think the weather was the same as when Sue and I were last here. 

My camp site (pictured) is one of the best. After the sun came out the wind changed, so as soon as I'd put the tent up I found myself  repositioning it. Then the wind dropped completely and hasn't returned, though cloud has returned to the summits. The weather looks unsettled - but at least it has provided a glorious evening. 

Flora and fauna: lots of deer on both days so far, a variety of plovers and unidentified birds, and a fine clump of purple saxifrage just near the tent. 

Alan R - S3 notepad? ★

Composed at NH 057 412, sent when a signal appeared


Alistair Pooler said...

That looks like a lovely wild camp spot :-)

Martin Rye said...

Cracking wild camp you got there. Envious as heck on that location.

Phreerunner said...

Thanks both - I'm back to Swan Vestas now Martin, re your earlier comment.