Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Wednesday 12 February 2014 – O’Brien and Meech Lake


Wednesday: Helen’s downhill ski lesson. So she dropped Sue and me at P11 – O’Brien – car park, from where trail 36 leads over a narrow undulating track with great tit like chickadees, sparrow sized woodpeckers and pigeon sized robins (or so it seems) to eventually reach the easy trail 50 to Herridge Cabin.

We turned around at the junction with trail 50, and then headed to Lac Meech for a cuppa. Considering we had woken to minus 24C, and set off skiing at minus 18C, it was a bit of a surprise to be able to lounge here in the sunshine without feeling cold.

Then it was back down the easy luges of trail 36, meeting a grooming machine whose fresh tracks had been obliterated by a snowmobile, and across the road to the steep trail that joins Fortune Parkway. I went very slowly up here as my wax seemed to have vanished and Sue was far ahead with the waxing kit. But she waited at the turn down trail 9, pictured below, which proved an interesting route to Camp Fortune to reunite ourselves with Helen and get some lunch after quite a strenuous 20 km on the skis, finishing with a very steep ascent and descent before Sue wiped out on the flat, much to the amusement of the occupants of the chairlift passing above her.


Tonight we enjoyed the company of Michael, who appears annually on these pages. Sadly he was unable to complete the ski marathon last weekend due to his lack of training, managing ‘only’ about 135 km of the 180 km course. Next year, perhaps.

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