Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Sunday, 31 August 2014

31 August 2014 – Out and About with Dale and Anna


Soon after returning home from ‘Camping with Jacob’, an old friend from University, Anna, arrived at our house with Dale. Luckily their four children were not in tow. We’ve enjoyed their company for the weekend and are looking forward to a trip with them starting on Monday.

Today I set off on a bike ride with Dale and Anna. Anna soon turned round, frightened by Stumpy’s eccentricities, but Dale found Shogun manageable, and we enjoyed a ride along the canal towpath from Brooklands to Stretford and then around both Chorlton and Sale Water Parks.


Chorlton Water Park looked and felt very summery on the warm day.


Dale survived a few wobbles and stayed smiling.


The south bank of the Mersey near Jackson’s Boat is in the process of being repaired and re-seeded. The water level in the river seemed pretty low today.


Here’s our 18.5 km route, which at today’s modest pace took a shade under an hour and a half. On the return journey by the canal, we saw the lone lady mandarin duck who has now resided here for nearly two years. Several cormorants were rampaging around Sale Water Park.


After lunch we all went to Dunham Massey.


The deer were sunbathing.


Anna and Dale visited the gardens whilst Sue and I ambled. We reconvened by the Blackamoor that has graced the forecourt of the Hall since before 1750.


The ponds had ducks and weeds and geese (and, if you look at the top picture, an unidentified mystery object).


Before we left we saw this sign and felt it perhaps not quite the right day to upgrade to top of the range BMWs.



GeoffC said...

Was your dog-leg deviation from the canal near Sale due to the ongoing towpath closures? (I can't remember whether that part is open to cyclists). The local Gov website suggests that the whole path down to Broadheath is closed until 19 September, but they actually close smaller sections at any one time.
Dunham Massey is always good for a short local stroll, it's our local leg stretcher now.

Phreerunner said...

Geoff - the towpath is open through Sale - there is no 'dogleg' on the straight line between Brooklands and Stretford!

The towpath is currently closed between Broadheath and Brooklands (Marsland Bridge), hence the use of Walton Road, rather than the towpath, between Timperley and Brooklands. There is however a footpath on the east bank of the canal between Timperley Station and Brooklands.

Hopefully the work will soon be complete - it seems to be progressing well.