Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Thursday, 4 September 2014

A Taste of the C2C Path - Shap to Richmond - Day 3

Kirkby Stephen to Keld - 22 km, 600 metres ascent, 7.0 hours. 
(A and D - 14km)

Andrew repaid a favour by helping me to deposit our car in Keld before breakfast. 

Anna and Dale headed up to Hartley Quarries.  Sue and I waited in Kirkby Stephen. Heather, Carmen and Rowan eventually appeared from a noisy campsite beside the main road.

A and D's 3km and half hour start saw them up at Nine Standards Rigg a few minutes before the rest of us. We took a riverside path then ascended by Ewbank Scar to gain the C2C path beyond Hartley Quarries.

A red squirrel had made a brief appearance at Ladthwaite.

We lingered at the summit (pictured) on the fine but grey day with flat light, before continuing along the ridge and descending via the 'blue' route, allocated to 'August to November'. 

Lunch was enjoyed in a sheltered spot, after which A and D were left to amble on to Ravenseat at their own pace.

The rest of us continued merrily on, pausing to empty our flasks at Ravenseat, where the chickens (pictured) tucked in to any ground nestling cup of tea and seemed quite happy to be handled. Then we continued past the beaters for a grouse shoot, and some giant 'cep' like mushrooms that Heather couldn't identify.

A and D were retrieved from Ravenseat, Heather and co were deposited back at their campsite, A and D's car was recovered, Sue was recovered from a tea shop in Keld, and the four of us got to Cambridge House in Reeth at 6.30. A quick turnaround saw us enjoying the Buck Inn's culinary delights a little after that.

Quite a full day it was, with insufficient time for more than this rather hasty entry.

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