Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Tuesday 3 January 2017 – A Bike ride to Lymm


Sue and I were pleased to be joined by Grandad Paul, and Isabella, who had taken a break from looking after Great Grandparents and packing for a long haul trip, to enjoy a gentle ride along the Trans Pennine Trail to Lymm and back.

We met near the (now sadly defunct) Bay Malton hostelry, Sue and I having cycled down the canal towpath from home – just over ten minutes.

We’d hoped to go a bit further than Lymm, but it was a chilly, grey day, and whose hands wouldn’t get cold sitting on the back of Paul’s bike?


The surface of this cycleway is starting to deteriorate, but it’s nothing like as bad as it was before the major renovation work carried out a few years ago.

The café in Lymm was excellent. A brilliant place to pause for an hour or so before pedalling slowly back to our nice warm house.

On the way we passed the site of the Railway Inn/Hotel that used to host vibrant folk nights but closed a few years ago and was then destroyed by fire in 2011. Since then the building has been demolished and planning applications have been made, rejected, and resubmitted on a smaller scale. The building currently under construction is the result. Interestingly, the Planning Statement says:

‘The applicant has stated his willingness to contribute toward the maintenance of the Trans-Pennine Trail which sits immediately to the north of the application site.’

We’ll see. I’d anticipate that the ‘applicant’ may construct a fence to deter the prying eyes of those enjoying the trail…


I looked for my old photos of the Railway – couldn’t find them, so I’ve used these images from Google to show what the old place looked like. To be fair, the new structure does show some sympathy with the old design.


This easy ride covered about 24 flat kilometres and took about an hour and forty minutes, plus an hour in the café.


afootinthehills said...

I'm having to do some catching up Martin and for an odd reason. Along with a few other blogs I have your blog as a 'favourite' so when I open Safari on the iPhone all I have to do is tap 'Postcard from Timperley' and there you are in all your glory. Yesterday I casually mentioned to Lynne that you hadn't posted since November. 'Rubbish', she replied. So, I opened your blog which showed, as usual, the post of 30 November. I then checked on my iPad with the same result! Only typing in the full blog address revealed your December posts.

Strange, since this has never happened before and my other 'favourites' haven't suffered the same glitch. Anyway, it's all fixed now so a belated Happy New Year to you and Sue!

Phreerunner said...

Thanks Gibson, I don't think you missed much, and compliments of the season to you both as well.
Maybe your 'favourite' got switched from the generic link to a link to my 30 November posting. Who knows...

afootinthehills said...

You could be right re the link switching Martin. I never thought of that.