Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Monday, 10 February 2020

Monday 10 February 2020 - P12 to the Fire Tower

Perfect conditions greeted us after a tedious Monday morning rush hour drive following 15 cm of overnight snow. 

All six of us (me, Sue, Ken, Helen, Susan and Roy) enjoyed the ascent up freshly groomed trail 40. A left turn up trail 24 took five of us the long way round, leaving Helen the chance to get well ahead by taking the shorter right turn along trail 24.

The sun gradually emerged as we cruised along Ridge Road to McKinstry Cabin. Today's pictures were taken on that stretch on the pristine piste. The others pulled in for a snack at the cabin, whilst I continued 2.7 km to the Fire Tower, the most distant point on the escarpment that we reach on these trips.

Despite the superb conditions, I managed to wipe out on the way back to the cabin. Lunch was welcome. 

Helen had come and gone, returning directly to P12 without venturing to the Fire Tower, and everyone else was soon ahead of me for the lovely ski back to P12. They had encountered a blogger, 'Musician on Skis', whose 'picture postcard' postings we have been following for years. Some of our group will no doubt feature on today's posting.

The final descent down trail 40 was easy enough, if a bit rough, and we were back at the cars, with me a few minutes behind the others, by soon after 3 pm - a 5 hour outing in great conditions and amiable (minus 6°C ish) temperatures.

The pot of tea when we got home was most welcome.

Today's route:
P12 (Meech) > #40 > #24 towards Western Cabin > #1 (Ridge Road) > Fire Tower > McKinstry Cabin > #1 > #24 > #40 > P12.
27 km, 650 metres ascent, 4 hours 25 minutes plus stops.

On the basis that Susan and Roy were despatched to 'buy pudding', they will be joining us shortly for another convivial evening. Luckily there is a special 'beer fridge' in the basement.

Our thoughts are with P&J, who we hope aren't still trapped in floods with a defunct vehicle in the Yorkshire Dales. 

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