Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Friday, 11 April 2008

Friday 11 April 2008 - All Aboard for a Week in Torridon

We probably won’t be blogging again, due to a lack of facilities, until Monday 21 April.
This is where we will be until then.
The header picture on this link is supposed to be our view from the cottage. It looks comparable to the view across Loch Broom (the header picture of this blog) from Tigh na Mara in Ullapool, where we have spent the corresponding week for the past three years.

This week has been busy, with little in the way of exercise, hence the lack of blogs (and I was exhausted after writing up last weekend’s exploits).
But the route cards are now printed and laminated, the car is loaded with food for 6 people for a week, and with 4 food parcels for our TGO Challenge, to be delivered to various places on our journey home. These will be added to in the morning as Heather T-S flings in her own food parcels as we whizz past her at a café near Kendal.
Sue has even cooked a huge lasagne for tomorrow night, and we have CCS (see here, and here for the recipe) coming out of every ‘orifice’ (so to speak!).
Incidentally, CCS also features heavily (literally) in our food parcels. Disturbingly, the Braemar package weighs in at about 6 kg. Luckily my porter is carrying the tent and food, whilst I trot along with ‘The Kitchen’, but I’m sure she will want to divest some of the weight at Lochcallater Lodge!

This week we have also fixed the venues for all this year's evening walks, on which anyone is welcome to join us. Note that it has become a matter of pride to beat Notchy to the pub and greet him with a pint before we start! Details are here.
[These walks aren't very energetic.]

Finally, after watching our local news presenters whinge about various things today, I’d like to record that:
our bins were emptied on time,
the journey to the supermarket in the rush hour involved no hold-ups,
there was no queue at the checkout,
the butcher was busy, but had time to offer to vacuum pack our meat when he realised it needed to travel well,
the air hose at the garage worked (I have to say, this is rare!),
it rained, but we missed the showers,
and so on – I think you get the picture.

On the other hand, my marker pen did run out of ink…

That's all for now. We look forward to reporting on the Torridon trip when we get back.

Enjoy the lovely Spring weather!

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