Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Tuesday 12 August 2008 - An Italian Border Route (IBR) - Day 49 - First Wet Day

Lac Lexert campsite building in the rain

Plan: (Day 50) Rest Day based at Dzovenno (Lac Lexert)

Actual: Sheltering from the rain.

Best bit: Being very lazy. Just for a change, you have to understand. This is our final rest day, after all!

Cumulative to date (planned in brackets):
721 km (679), 51700 metres ascent (51000), 258 hours (roughly!) walking (275).
No of summits visited: 11
No of cols or passes visited: 79
Highest point: Rocciamelone - 3528 metres
Hours waterproofs worn: 3
No of English encountered whilst walking: 0 (12 not walking)


We've had very few messages since Courmayeur, so assume everyone is bored, on holiday themselves, or just has nothing to say.

But wait, I've logged on again to find a lovely message from Enrico, one of the kind motorists who have helped us out in time of need, and also a mountaineer. We hope you are enjoying your holiday, Enrico, and many more happy days in the mountains this summer.

And our mothers are listening, so the blog goes on.

We also have a message from Gillian, intended for when we get home but available to us now thanks to this little gadget. Thank you Gillian, we'll be in touch in a couple of weeks if we survive the final 8 days to Saas Fee.

It's a short walk across the grassy hard core to the café, restaurant, alimentari, shower, washing and drying machines, etc building. The shop is well stocked so we enjoyed an excellent lunch in the tent, but we will re-test the restaurant tonight, from its proper menu. Though having walked about 100 metres all day, I doubt we will be as hungry as yesterday.

It's raining, by the way. Has been most of the day.

Our first wet day!

We tried to keep our readers awake with this message about Field Gentians.

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Alan Sloman said...

It's good to see that standards are being maintained. Cafes & restaurants.

Sue - you can come away with me next time Martin wants to go galavanting around the mountains. I get to visit a whole lot more pubs than he does and will let you visit a nice shop where you can get new boots.


Anonymous said...

Sorry you are feeling neglected there!! We are just enjoying the blog and basically have nothing to say that is more interesting than your trip!! We have had an excellent visit to Killarney where due to high water levels (we are having all your rain here) were able to avoid over 3k of portaging by navigating creeks. This did involve hauling the boats over several 6 feet and higher beaver dams.Have some UK friends here at the moment and we're all going whitewater rafting on Sunday.
Very much looking forward to our next scrabble game Martin.
Enjoy your last few days.
PS Once again it is very impressive to see how close you are to the planned schedule.