Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Tuesday 21 October 2008 - Monsal Head, and another chance encounter

2103UpperdalefromMonsalHead Having got my new boots, a short stroll from Monsal Head to break them in was in order.  The view above greeted me.
Turning left down the Monsal Dale path, I soon reached the weir - a roaring torrent - no paddling across here today.  Then over the narrow bridge and into the autumn sun, where leaves, like these Norway Maple (?) in Little Longstone, were nicely illuminated.
Back up in Little Longstone, this 'phone box and the village pump next to it had also caught my eye.2105TelephoneBox
The path follows the right (north) bank of the River Wye and rises to the Monsal Viaduct, from where the disused railway line disappears into a tunnel.  A short climb leads back to Monsal Head, and the Hotel, which I took the opportunity to book for a Christmas Walk lunch on 14 December, to which everyone is hereby invited.2106MonsalHeadHotel2
A slideshow of today's images (only 18) is here.  No prizes for spotting the 'odd one out'!

And the chance encounter - as I set off towards the Dale I noticed a (proper) photographer setting up his tripod and huge large format camera.  He was packing up when I returned half an hour later, and we chatted briefly before seeking refuge from a shower in our respective cars with our lunch boxes.  This was Andrew, who is trying to make an income out of being a photographer.  Have a look at his website.  I wish you every success, Andrew; it was good to talk, and I think your picture galleries are great.

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Anonymous said...

Ruskin allegedly said that the view of the Lune valley from the churchyard in Kirby Lonsdale was the finest in the world, but had he been to Monsal Head?
Thanks for the reminder. Enjoyed the slideshow.