Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Over My Dead Body - A Very English Affair

Our action packed visit took us last night to Ottawa Little Theatre for a spot of, well, Culture?

This play by Derek Benfield is set in the Home Counties of England. It was a complete surprise to us that we had come all this way to see an English comedy performed by Canadian actors! They made a fair attempt at the correct accents, but the Canadian cleaning lady, 'Carol Capstick' seemed a bit out of place.

The situation comedy had some of its Canadian audience 'rolling in the aisles' - there was some hearty laughter anyway, even if the plot was a bit thin.

An enjoyable evening was had by all in this welcoming (medium sized) theatre, with a fine selection of art (for sale) to peruse whilst waiting for the performance to start.

For anyone who may be interested (I appreciate that Ottawa is not exactly a hot bed of readers of this blog - is there anyone out there?) the Ottawa Citizen's review is here.


Ron Bloomquist said...

Fear not.

We're here!

Gayle said...

And I'm here too and rather enjoying the tales of snow, cabins, skis and trails in Canada - which all seems far more interesting than yomping through the mud of the Midlands!

Anonymous said...

There is someone out here (Ottawa)!
Actually, it was the "cleaning lady" Kate Drummond who stumbled across this blog and we're glad to hear that you had an enjoyable time at our theatre.
I have to tell you, though, that half of the cast are in fact British born and bred! Myself from Brighton (also having spent over 35 yrs working in theatres and tv in England), the other male actor from Liverpool (recently)and one actress from Scotland.

MartinB said...

Thank you Johni, that does indeed explain the excellent English accents amongst the cast. We did enjoy our evening in your presence and wish you well with this and other productions.
I wonder if any of you perform at our more regular haunts, the Library and Royal Exchange theatres in Manchester - great little theatres...
Martin and Sue

Anonymous said...

Hi! Johni here.
Thank you for your well-wishes. Can't think why anyone would want to visit Canada at this time of year, though - it's 'orrible!
My idea of a trip is to escape it and as soon as the play closes, I'm off to the Caribbean for two months.
I was with the Royal Exchange company for a couple of seasons in the early 80's, living on Princess Rd. Also did a lot of work with Granada & Yorkshire TV. Came to Canada in '90. Hoping to return home in the not too distant future.

MartinB said...

We possibly saw you at the Royal Exchange in the early 80's, Johni, we often went there at that time.
The skiing in Gatineau Park is wonderful at this time of year. A bit cold today though, I must admit.
BTW we particularly liked the Tesco bag prop in the play!
Enjoy the production, and the Caribbean.