Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Thursday, 8 January 2009

A Trip to Salford Quays

0501reflectionWhen I arrived in Manchester as a student I visited the docks at Salford.  One of my cousins was a merchant seaman and his boat was docked there.  It was an interesting excursion into a world that I've never revisited.  I remember comparing his cramped living quarters with my tiny room in St Anselm's hall of residence - my home for two years.

I have revisited the scene of our rendezvous many times, and have witnessed the area being cleared of the hustle and bustle of the merchant shipping and redeveloped as offices and leisure facilities, as well as high rise housing.

Monday's visit to Salford Quays, as they are now known, to replenish essential supplies from a factory shop, was blessed with superb weather.  The reflections from the glass laden office block across the bridge from the Lowry Centre were brilliant - better than any filter or distortion that Photoshop might come up with.

A 180° turn switches one's outlook to this fine suspension bridge.

0503bridge   0504bridge2 From the Lowry Centre side of the bridge the new(ish) Imperial War Museum North stands rather starkly before you - on this day the huge tower of the museum was acting as a massive reflector of the low sun.  This link provides more information on the architecture etc.

0505museum1The Lowry Centre - housing theatres and (I think) the largest single exhibition of Lowry's iconic paintings - was largely in the shade of a giant block of flats at the time of our visit.


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