Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Tuesday 27 January 2009 - Halcyon Days

Halcyon Days are supposed to be calm and tranquil, or happy and carefree.

This was one of those days.

Wall to wall sunshine adorned our living room, which today was again Gatineau Park. Early mist over the Ottawa River had melded into hoar frost on the trees as we crossed the river, passing Bate Island, which looked very similar to over a week ago, when we stopped here.

Kingsmere (P7) was our starting point today, together with Helen who has safely returned from her training weekend in Atlanta. We donned sun tan cream and dark glasses and headed in about -14°C up Trail 30 to Ridge Road. It was a gorgeous, still day. A right turn then took us along the black diamond (hard) Skyline Trail.

This trail was built immediately after the creation of the park in 1938, as a Depression Era relief project, and it sports a charming undulating pathway with good views towards Hull and the Ottawa Valley.

Here we all are, enjoying the warm sun and the fine views:

There are some short, steep sections on this 4km loop. I managed to lose control on one of the corners. My fall was controlled, however, compared to Sue’s two wipe-outs. Helen and I kept catching up with her snow covered form, dashing along as if there was no tomorrow. The adrenaline rush caused by last night’s films had clearly not worn off. Tortoise and hare stuff. All good fun though, and no damage was done, so we returned happy and warm to Ridge Road and the pleasant track to Keogan Cabin for lunch.

Here are shots taken firstly on the Skyline Trail, and below that on the immaculately groomed Ridge Road.

Huge icicles hung outside the cabin, and birds and squirrels were enjoying the feeder as usual.

Here are the interior, the view from our lunch bench, and the exterior of Keogan Cabin:

Deserting the warmth of the cabin, we enjoyed the descent to Kingsmere and were actually back at home by 2pm, ready for our customary leisurely afternoon.

Here are Sue, then Helen, descending trail 30 to Kingsmere. It looks easy, but notice how the person following Helen arrives at the corner (there is no track in that direction), and you may be able to hear her friend swish past at the end, just missing the photographer.

Today’s exercise constituted another 13km ski, taking us from 10.35 to 13.15, including our 45 minute break at Keogan Cabin.


Nightbird said...

Hey, this is more like my type of skiing (i.e. not heli-style)!! Although I would have probably crashed right into the photographer, who would then need to edit the soundtrack for bad language!
Love the photos of iciles.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoying the snowy blog.
Lovely light relief from working on the pesky park interpretation boards - thank you so much for the leaves - they look great!!!
You'll be shocked to know that I did a 5 hour round walk at Mam Tor last weekend .... may need to rebrand me to AwayfromHomeHazel
K&A&A say "HELLO!"

Phreerunner said...

Hello Nightbird, AwayFromHomeHazel, and K&A&A (Bluey's blog was for you, K and A).
Are you in training to come backpacking with us then, Hazel?
We have to admit to being a bit amateurish with the videos, but they have now been 'labelled' so YouTube finds similar ones that you can view, some of which are even more amateurish than ours!
So, whilst they give an idea of what it's like here, you'd be very sad to waste more than just a few minutes watching them!
Best of luck with finihing the Park Project, H. Do let us know if you need any help - we are just across the room in that respect, apart from the 5 hour time difference.
M & S